Tuesday, April 15, 2014

14th/15 pond stuff

Roger and Susie's Travels
Concentrating on completing pond stuff not quite sure where I left off after moving fish etc. But the last couple of days have been involved at getting the new
This pic is a old road sign used for a lid with holes drilled in it to let water in

This the base pot that the pump sets in filled with Lava rock

lid set on

in the pond together plus installing saved plants

pond feature not working

change nozzle working better

just a moment out of the stress 

working but not to intended performance

Hank Sara do not care about my problems
filter set up done. Then of course getting it in the pond for hook up test trial along with pond feature sprayer ?????? After trail and error I will be doing some revampimg (not done yet) On a better note Susie joined a golf club today had there first of the season Sounds like she had a good time and looking forward to next week get together
Susies golfing buddies today 


  1. Oh Roger , you have been busy ! Good for Susie , I know she'll end up loving the golf and be glade she joined . XoX. Bets .

  2. Roger you work way too hard but I know it will look wonderful when all completed. Nice to hear Susie joined a golf club, always good to have new experiences.