Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mar. 26th till today April 3rd catch up time

Roger and Susie's Travels
Well 26th slept in so got the latter boat from Port Angeles 2.00 pm. No problems at the Canadian border got through rush hour traffic in Victoria drove like a mad man and got home before dark around 7ish stayed in motor home that night too tired for any thing else. next day started to empty motor home while Susie set up the house I must have packed in about 20 big boxes for her to unload plus at least 1000 lbs of clothes ??? kidding We spent a couple of days doing this plus getting settled in Tracy and Stuart came and spent a day helping out with yard cleanup after this stuff still unloading ( still not finished ) also have got into a big project cleaning out fish pond plus into all the paper work for in com taxes etc but I still managed one golf locally so far We have had a few days of Sunny weather but raining today
Ferry dock Port Angeles

I love driving so much that I have a hard time getting out of the seat

Victoria our capital

Rush hour

Our beautiful Island Highway

cleanup time

You will notice that my Palm tree survived our harsh winter with insulation wrapped around the base it worked

Hank was glad to visit Sara Tracy and Stuarts Dachshund

I think we need a rest ?????

AAAAH home at last

big clean up

Already clean out top pond to move fish  

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