Tuesday, February 18, 2014

16th to the 18th

Roger and Susie's Travels
Well the last two days have been very busy Monday and Tuesday we have been involved in the third annual CanAmMex Cup golf tournament put on by Brent Cunliffe and His counter partner (US) Ron Vagle These two go through a lot of work to make this a fun time for the rest of us this is held at Estra Del Mar Golf Estates (5 star I might add ) this is a 2 day event I won't go into a lot of detail but very competitive. But unfortunately we came up short again this year so we had to concede to the USA. But there is next year so watch out we are working on a secret weapon All in All we all had a wonder full time and I can not imagine Brent not being our captain forever Keep up the good work Brent your are our hero and we hope to make you proud of us one day. Okay enough sniveling on to the next Item Birthday party Well I thought we were too tired to do any thing more got home from golfing and into a Bonn fire birthday celebrations for Mike and Robin A group of mus ions doing a jam session so more party
The girl snuck over to Brent and Donna's condo to enjoy the pool while they were golfing

Margarita time

Jam session getting started

Can you believe even Brent can play a instrument of some sort and I might say sounded pretty good

The birthday cake ummmm good

The birthday boys and wives

The party goes on
What again
ing till about 9:00 pm plus I know that sounds lame to you young people but that's way beyond our up time to retire

Sunday, February 16, 2014

!2th to the 16th

Roger and Susie's Travels
Today is good day I just learned that I won 1650 pesos at playing golf at Marina Mazatland over at Mazatland the pro from Estra moved over there so we have been golfing there on and off for the last month they also have a skins game that you enter and pay 200 pesos over your green fees thanks to a birdy on a par three hole I won 1650 pesos. How cool is that winning money on some thing you enjoy I am a happy camper

As you can the sunset changes by the second

This is a troup of Mexican boy scouts  heading up the beach  for a over night camping trip they came back home at a bout 6:00 am the next morning not sure where they camped but cool to no that they have boy scouts

old picture but I am sure that's the way I was smiling when I herd about my win
A few sail boats stayed over night in the bay

Thursday, February 13, 2014

10th to 12th

Roger and Susie's Travels
High lite for the last few days was golf at Estra Del Mar for couples called hit and giggle it is 9 hole of fun completion with prizes designed to meet new people also the golf pro put on a clinic to give us tips on the proper swing etc lots of fun dinner and drinks at the end of the with prizes
Another one bites the dust 500 pieces about 6 hours

Monday, February 10, 2014


Roger and Susie's Travels
to nights happy hour was for Bonnie's birthday plus Dan and Sharon's 40th Anniversary lots of food then had a poker tournament I won the first one and Peggy won the second great evening then spaghetti diner with friends to top the day off
500 piece finished in 8 hours

Mark and Terry

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jan. 22nd till Feb. 8th

Roger and Susie's Travels
Sorry for the delay just haven't been in the mood but feeling better today so will try to catch up a little. in the past few weeks we have had a big birthday party for Peggy and Cherl there was a live band brought in from Mazatlan  big fire on the beach and lots of dancing (good time had by all) next major event was super bowl on sunday a little upset for some of the fans but a lot of partying needless to say. next major event was Mike and kitty and our selfs made a trip To Durango to check our new hwy that took 5 years to build tallest bridge in the world plus 61 tunnels and spent 2 nights in Durango very nice clean and friendly did some local site seeing elevation 6000 ft cool in the evening but nice through the day my golfing is still up and down I have probably missed a few important things we did but that's it

The birthday girls

Finally finshed 2000 pieces over a month
How come they leave me behind
King David added a new palappa in one site up front that was not being used so people in the back row have some where to come and see the sunset

Happy hour for Mark and his girl friend Terri arrival
Mark and crew playing volley ball along along with girl friend ( they got engaged while here ) congratulation

Even a few little ones at the birthday party