Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I will take more pictures latter camera quit after this one
Roger and Susie's Travels Over the last few days Another fish fry pot luck by Bob and Bonnie plus happy hours of course but People are starting to leave for home or other places including our self's starting to break camp and getting ready for our trip out will probably spend about 3 weeks on the road taking our time going and visiting friend along the way Today I picked up my pickup from the paint shop I am very pleased with the job and price two tone plus inside door frames plus inside box and wheels plus the grill completely done 12000 pesos ( about $1000 Canadian )

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feb. 23rd

About 10 days ago Brent stepped on one of those sting rays  so doctor John and Brenda administered operation thorn removal


Sushi crew

After dinner forgot to take picture of food

Girls having a safety meeting

Roger and Susie's Travels Another great day golf in the morning and Kitty's famous Sushi dinner she had lots of ladies helping plus other dishes added from other people great success and we all sat around fires to end a perfect day

Friday, February 22, 2013

feb 21

The end to another great day

Sara's checking out a building under constuction next door

Roger and Susie's Travels Today we did some golf today only 9 holes but with our wifes good time

Feb 19th and 20th

Bill and my self we were partners we did get our red shirts a little latter

American group

Our Canadian cheer leaders  at our opening ceremonies the national anthem was sung  for both countries

hole #6 almost a hole in one missed by about three feet one of my better shots

our leader Brent and his counter part for the US side
Roger and Susie's Travels Today is the second annual Cam Am Mex golf tournament organized by Brent Today was the first days events just a great venue good time had by all unfortunately We (Canadians)were down about 20 plus points by the  end of day one. Day 2 after a pep talk from our leader Brent we put new game plan together and did our self's proud we came back to only lose by 2 points so we are pretty happy with those results I do believe that there was close to 60 players

Monday, February 18, 2013

Feb. 18th

It looks like they are doing the job properly

Mike and kitty aren't they a good looking couple

John and Brenda another good looking couple
Susies camera
This is a old sunset but one of my favorites
Roger and Susie's Travels Well a few thing happen today I was going to check on my truck today but I also wanted to get a little golf pratice at the driving range for our 2 day tournement at Estra Mike and kitty and John and Brenda were going to town to take Maggie to the vet and shopping they offered to check on the truck for me Thanks guys  Latter in the afternoon 5:00 Pm to 8:00 pm Kevin and Linda had a open house for all of us trailer park people plus other friends to see there house and yard that they have been working on for the past few years and we got served with a taco night great stuff and they have a great place a good time was had by all no pictures to respect there privasy throughly enjoyed our selfs Thank Kevin and Linda for your hospitality the picture from above are from Kittys camera they were having lunch at Panchos

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb 17th

Roger and Susie's Travels To days excitement to day I kept a low profile but we did have birthday celebration Mike & Robin celebrated there birthdays to day a group of about 30 plus people went to Gepetas in Via Union a little town about 45 minutes from here known for great sea food  every body had a great time came back for some happy hour then some went off to local dancing then back for a camp fire then the hockey game another full day sorry no pictures to day

Feb 16th Tuna Boat Adventure

The ship picture out of order
On our way out to the ship

Our Captain Adam

Climimg aboard

Adams Dog

Speed boats for chasing tuna etc

This net piled over 20 ft high is approx a mile long pus 300 ft deep when it is set

the helicopter launch pad used to locate the schools of tuna

this is the top of the after the big loop and brought back to the ship

this is the boat used to haul the net around
coming back to land

Bob and i got to go up in the helicopter twice the net you see in the foreground looped around

The big boat bringing the net around to the ship to close the hole and the speed boats swirling around to keep the fish from coming out

coming for a  landing

This crane is how they get the net back in

There is 11 guys stacking the net as it comes in

A Marlin got trapped in the net

Also 6 tuna ( this was only a trial set ) not intended to catch a big bunch of tuna

40 to 50 LBS

Adams dog

Filleting the tuna

The cook made some fresh tuna cevecy

Heading home from to days adventure

The home coming crowd
Roger and Susie's Travels Today a real adventure @ 7:00 am Adam the hotel owner Also tuna boat Captain came by and invited Myself and Bob Brown to spend a day with him on the tuna boat to see it in operation of doing a set to catch tuna fish (a test set ). So a opportunity of a life time so of course we excepted they picked us at up 8:00 PM  by panga and headed out to ship sitting 5 miles of shore the picture will explain the day. Way to many pictures to show but these will give you the idea