Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27th/11 catching up

Boat move out back of garage

10 x 20 cover for the boat for under a $100

this boat I have had sence 1994 hate to see it go

got to get it clean up for sale this year
Roger and Susie's Travels The last few day have been hectic unloading motor home between rain storms dropped it off at the repair place for a evaluation on all the problems to be fixed (probably a few days before I hear from them ???) My boat project from last year was in my garage all winter drying out so I have moved it out the back of the garage so I have room for other things (wouldn't you know the moment I got it out it started to rain) So new project cover for the boat. thats done now have to get the other boat cleaned up ready for sale then off to the yard work (spring cleaning etc.)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23rd golfing

Storey Creek Golf course

I know this typical

I know this looks like every other golf course

My Friend Hal

Ted and Bruse who we golfed with today
Roger and Susie's TraveL Well today I feel like the Canucks. Yesturday  I though I held my own in Comox golf course. But today at Storries Creek golf course ( which I played last year) I though I would be able to show that I had improved my game from last year ( but I guess I choked) I had my worst game ever I could do nothing right. As a result I am a little down but I will not give up ( I am hooked)

April 23rd Golfing etc

Roger and Susie's Travels  Well today I feel lick the Canucks (second day of the golf tournement) the course Stories Creek Golf course ( I played this last year) know I am thinking that I didn't do to bad yesturday so I am confident. but today was a total disature. I had no better play then I had last year. Which I had hoped to impress the people that I had improved after playing down south all winter ( but I guess I choked not happy but am not discuraged will keep working on it )

Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22nd Golf tournement Comox

Roger and Susie's Travels Well started off the day still trying to empty the motor home. I did manage another 3 hrs before I was picked up by my friend Hal to go to the golf tournement which was at Comox golf course it was great took about 5hrs to do 18 holes I realy enjoyed but was pretty tired also I thought is was for one day but found out it is two day tournement so tommorrow at Stories beach for the final. But the good thing I won $20 bucks ???? have no idea must be my handycap because I shot 104 for 18 holes??? (not complaining 20 bucks) See how tomorrow goes. (no pictures) I thought I charged up the battery on the camera but it didn't work but I have it ready for tomorrow. Poor Susie had to go through the mail today that was a feat in it self will give update on golf tomorrow

Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21st/11 Leaving Port Angeles arive home

Mountains behind Port Angeles

Pointy end

Kind of cramed??

Victoria customs oh oh ???


Old home stead
Roger and Susie's Travels Up and add it 6:00am to catch ferry at 8:20 Port Angeles to Victoria every thing went smooth breakfast on the ferry {yuck} arrived Victoria 10:00 got through customs with out a hitch and on our way stopped at Ladysmith for a PAPA burger (um good) arrived home around 2:00pm (Sara just about went crazy when we arrived I guess she missed the old place so did I) Started to unload went at that for about 4hrs then quit as I brought the stuff in Susie put it away. It always amazes me how much stuff there is ???? 4hrs hasn't put a dent in it oh well it will get done. Tommorrow I have a golf tournement to go at 1:00 ( I guess not to much will get done ) but there is always the next day. Some thing eles to get done I have a appointment on the April 26th  for the motor home to go in to get evalvation on all the electrical problems should be interesting   (Contessa I think Robbin unit is 2007 bounder 38 feet)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20th/11 Port Angeles

Hood cannel

Rainbows End RV park

Roger and Susie's Travels Left Lucky Eagle casino this morning arrived around 3:00 did my final fill up at the native gas bar at Just before Port Angales price $4.25 took $250 bucks it will take about 1/2 a tank to get from here to home as we all know its over $5 a gal at home yuck oh well back to reality We are settled into a nice RV spot just out side of Port Angales Rainbows end RV park (good WiFi free yah) easy to catch boat in the morning Susie is off to Walmart for somelast minute things

April 19th/11 moving along

Roger and Susie's Travels This morning Robbin and Peggy and our selfs went for breakfast at Seven Feathers had a good vist left to fuel up the price $4.24.9 (saved 3 cents with casino card) Robbin and Peggy headed for the Oregan coast there not in a hurry to get home. We headed down the hwy to lucky casino in Washington We were expecting to get internet there but due to construction at the hotel there no RV parking so we sat in the parking lot over night We were supposed to met up with Larry and Donna in washington and because we had no ph# We had to leave (Sorry Larry and Donna

April 17th/11 breakfast at Rolling Hills then traveling to Seven Feathers casino

Look at that slide it looks close to 30' ??? Robbin Peggys new rig

Notice there ready for winter

This one is tallerthen mine I think that might be for extra bracing because of the long slide ????

My traffic controller asleep at the switch along with my copilot

its my turn to drive

the morning after fueling Seven Feathers

Iffy day for travel
Roger and Susie's Travels Started the day off with breakfast in Rolling Hills casino buffet (always resonable) after that I checked out there golf course (just for prices etc) for two people to gulf 18 holes the price is $108 per person includes cart and driving range (you save $25 off your pad rental for the motor home is free) next fueled up and headed down the road to Seven Feathers (fuel was around $4.35) arrived 4:30 setteling for the night when about 7:00 that evening Peggy and Robin came tootling in in there new motor home so we had to check this out (Susie had to get out of her PJS and get dressed) Very nice huge slide the full length of the motor home very roomy and very nice they are very happy ( now we all hope that Robin is finished buying motor homes ) because we were all tired we decided not to party that night we are going for breakfast together in the morning

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17th/11 on the road again

Long day driving

barely fits

happy we finally arrived

you can tell whos got control of this unit

just happy to be here
Roger and Susie's Travels Well for the past few days no internet left Avi on friday ( I was having some over heating problems as soon as I hit a head wind or some hill climbing I solved this by dropping the transmition down to third gear and went about 35 to 40 miles per hour till I got back to flat road then back to normal driving) arrived Walmart at Backersfield (I was talking to another camper unit about my problem he has the same motor and had the same experience and turned out to be dirt build up in the radiator area so he simply pressure washed  that area and that solved the problem so I will do this in Corning) spent a quiet evening about 6hrs driving (forgot to put water in the holding tank) left walmart Saturday morning (with no shower for Susie or me she was upset ???? oh well) about 8 hours driving to Corning CA arrived around 4:00 set up and had dinner in the casino excelent bed early left Susie in casino ?????

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13th/11 Avi resort

Sample of the fairway greens behind our motor home

tee box on the 17th tee you have to shoot over body of water
Roger and Susie's Travels Today I went with my new friend Allen to the driving range at Avi golf course ( the proper name is Mohave Golf Resort ) spent a hour on the ranage and Allen gave me some very good tips to improve my game ( which make very good sence ) so now I have lots of things to work on Susie has gone to town shopping etc  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12th/11 Avi Resort & Casino

Roger and Susie's Travels Well today I have gotten together with a fellow camper (he is originally fr Montreal) staying at the Avi KOA park to go golfing at a new golf place called Desert lakes Estates My new friend shoots in the low eightys so I got lots of tips I did manage a 106 today (still need lots of improvement) But working on it. Susie say,s two frog's golfing!! Also heard from Mike&Kitty in Eugene,Oregon, it,s 4 degrees and frosty  their today!! I'm not ready for COLD,, its warm here I can sit outside in shorts,walk Sara or go to pool, I also watch the golfer,s as were backed up to the course, nice spot!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Roger and Susie's Travels

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10th/11 Avi resort and Cow pasture golfing

Front door to Avi casino

Hole #1 you have to shoot over trees 116 yards I used a 7 iron and was about 10 yards to long shot 3

Hole #2 116 yards long used a 8 iron also a little long shot 4

Hole #3 132 yds used a 7 iron went into the trees on left side shot 6

Hole #6 130 yards used a #5 hybred hooked to left lost ball dropped new ball shot 5 hole 3&4 forgot to take picture lenght was 126 & 143 shot 4&5

Hole #7 155 yards used a 5 wood and fubbed the shot ended up shotting 5 forgot to take pictures of holes 8&9 lenght 125 & 112 shot 4 & 6 total for today was 42
Roger and Susie's Travels Susie off doing a video machine tournement (hope she has luck) I shot a 42 this morning at my cow pasture 9 holer going to try a different course tomorrow called Desert Palms they have a speacil on at the break of dawn for the first hour you get your cart you play the back 9 holes come in and get breakfast for 15 bucks (not bad if you don't mind getting up at 5AM ???) (Contesa the camera I bought is a Fujifilm the reason is my prior camera was a fujifilm also and lasted for 15years through all my construction years with out a hitch till it finally died)