Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oct. 28TH Heading for Plam Desert

Every thing loaded on to the back of the truck that was on the bike hitch from the back of the motor home

Thweld gave way on bike hitch

As you can see dug into the ground

Roger and Susie's Travels Today we left Laughlin About 10:30 am to visit friends in Palm Springs on the Needles Hwy My bike rake on the back of the motor home broke. My tow truck was also hooked to this area thank god we were not on the freeway as we were only going about 30 miles per hour the tow hitch dug into the pavement then I managed to get off the side of the road with lots of room. I spent about a hour and 30 minutes to get every thing unhooked 6 bikes plus the rest of the stuff back there moved it all to the back of the pick up truck and strapped down move the tow bar back to the motor home hooked up the truck and took off went over the freeway to get on to the freeway. But missed the turn as I was getting turned a round I noticed that the tow truck tow bar was not locking properly got out only to realized that the tow bar was damaged so could not pulled the pickup so Susie had to drive the pickup and follow me to Palms Springs. By that time she had to drive about 3hrs but we landed here safely had dinner and wine waiting for us and going golfing tomorrow. Here for two nights. Then Off to Yuma will be visiting friend in Yuma that is wear I will get the tow bar fixed. Oh did I mention Our house batteries bit the dust only two years old bought in Mexico so off to Costco to buy new ones again not one of my better days but thank god we are healthy and going to have great holiday in spite of a few miss hap's sorry having trouble with pictures will try to add tomorrow

Friday, October 26, 2012

Avi Golfing

note the GPS will tell the distance to the pin plus hazards

17 hole across water
18th hole also across water very tough course

Roger and Susie's Travels Today was a good day I went golfing a very high end course today the wind blowing like crazy but I had excellent time shot 98 very good for me at my level braking a 100 on a par 76 is a mile stone so I am happy beside my good day Susie and I went shopping this morning and are going to hang around an extra day to take in Creedence Clearwater revisited at the Edgewater casino in Laughlin 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday 25th Avi dry park

Roger and Susie's Travels Today was nice no driving Susie went shopping and I got my wine supply. Topped up house batteries a little low on distilled water. It was a little warm last night well into the 70t.s tonight I have the air conditioners on for the first time every thing is working ???? It gets to about 75 to 80 in the afternoon is my guess. I set up a tee time at the Mojave resort golf club next door to the Avi casino 1:32 in the afternoon they have a special for that time of the day 18 holes golf cart and driving range for $49 bucks the golf carts have GPS on them so were ever you are on the course you no the distance to the pin cool. This place would be right up there with Estra Del Mar sorry no pictures today Susie,s in the casino trying to make enough for my golfing tomorrow

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wed. 24th AVI Casino Laughlin

I think Susie a picture of a hail storm we went through

not easy to see but 100,s of wind mills on top of the hills

more wind mills

back in the saddle again
Roger and Susie's Travels Well here we are in Laughlin at AVI Casino dry park free WIFI again no trouble along the way had put a bit fuel in to make here at $4.43 per gal yikes checked the fuel prices here around $4.18 no bargain any where we will be here for a couple of days before heading to Palm Spring to see friends and a round of golf

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oct. 23rd Bakersfield

On the road again heading for Bakersfield on the I-5

Sara's with the ball and Susie has finished a Ann Rule book

Yes I do miss Toga

Here we are parked and a excellent steakhouse for dinner in front of us pretty cool
Roger and Susie's Travels Left Corning around 9:30 arrived Bakersfield around 5:30 no trouble so far every thing is going perfect except my back camera must have loose connection going on and off but no big deal. Weather has turned mainly sunny but still cool. So far I have been getting diesel under $4.20 per in Bakersfield I seen a sign $4.71 scary I have a half a tank on the way to Laughlin I think it will get cheaper But I can't make it all the way to Arizona with out putting some fuel in Last year I was getting fuel for at least $1:00 cheaper Oh well the price we pay for holidays Susie's off checking out Walmart the Walmart here has free public wifi how cool is that get free parking and free wifi  life is good

Monday, October 22, 2012

Oct. 22nd

on the road
Entering California

Roger and Susie's Travels Today we left Seven Feathers and arrived at Rolling hills At Corning Calafornia 6 hr drive no issues we are doing hook ups so I can catch up on Blog etc and dumping station etc

Sunday 21st

Sara cuddle in for the trip

Roger and Susie's Travels Well up a little late but off to Seven feathers in Canyon Ville (I-5) about a 8 hr drive we stay in the dry park so no cost ( same at seven cedars) Susie had a little bit of energy so she went to the casino to help support our holiday and I think she did okay

Sat 20th heading to Victoria

on the road

in the ferry line up

Would you believe we are parked at seven cedars casino Susie take Sara our for a walk she goes over the bank and comes up with a broken disgarred tennis ball ( she should have been a drug dog)

now she wants to play with her new treasure
Roger and Susie's Travels On the road left at some time before noon arrived a couple of hours ahead of the boat leaving every thing went good no problems with border stayed at seven ceaders casino in Port Angeles we were to tired so no gambling just sleep

Arrived at My cousins place

My cousin Dan created this (the quiz is what is it) concentrate only on the thing in the middle of the picture ( a clue he made it for hunting) good luck not sure if there will be a prize for the winner |||||||||||(Maybe bragging rights)

Dan Susie and Margaret
Roger and Susie's Travels Well we arrived after 4:00 pm to spend the evening with my cousin Dan and Margaret they live at about a hour from our place on our way to Victoria. Nanoose Bay as usual a good time went to a pub to eat and drink of course got back around 9 PM  and went straight to bed for the next days travels

Friday, October 19, 2012

leaving today 2:00pm

ready to go

they are too
Roger and Susie's Travels Well we are on our way finally heading to my cousin in Nanoose Bay on the Island to spent evening the tomorrow Victoria ferry may be of Internet for a few days will catch up to were we are then sorry having trouble with pictures will post them latter

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

3 days left

Are you serious you want me to travel in this outfit
Roger and Susie's Travels Well we are serious I got a hair cut today got some US money out things are getting close

Monday, October 15, 2012

Oct 15th 4 days left

We had a pretty healthy storm the other night so that was the end of the pom pas grass we got to enjoy for a few days

that's a good sign the season is over

put to bed for the last time
Roger and Susie's Travels The weather lately has been crappy but still okay golfed today over cast but no rain back home but energy down not sure but might be the weather but still poking along pretty well loaded except for the last few thing in the motor home

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oct 13th 6 days left

golfing not my last day but getting close

a little bracing for the winter and all is good

feeding the fish in the pond before we go
Roger and Susie's Travels  Well today is a good day my old boat has finally sold to a nice young fela name Curtis he is going to take the boat to Bela Coola which is up the coast from Port Hardy I am sure he and family will have many good times ( as Susie and I have had ) we are getting down to the short strokes for leaving for Mexico I am sure we will leave and say did you do this or did you do this oh well ????

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oct. 9th count down 9 days

Fiber glass wrapped in plastic then wrapped around base

fall colours are here

Roger and Susie's Travels Today's projects finish blowing out all lines for lawn sprinkler's and out side hoses etc plus insulating base of Palm tree loading in side of motor home now

Monday, October 8, 2012

Oct 8th

Fingers crossed that a winter storm doses not raise havec

Heavely tied down ????
My last batch of wine before we leave I will have a good supply for when we get back well aged
Roger and Susie's Travels Well start the day off with nine holes of golf no better way to get a little exercise wild having fun I know because I past people on the road running I can not wrap my head around how much fun that could be but to each there own ????? then home still winterizing and loading a little at a time today I got one boat ready for the winter. This coming Sat. I have somebody coming from Williams lake to look at the boat we are trying to sell sounds positive will see ( a great buy for the young fellow)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oct. 6th

Roger and Susie's Travels Well last night we had some of our local friends come to our house for happy hour we usually meet at the pub on Friday nights for a few hours but we had a fire pit and spent 4 to 5 hour having a good time this could be close to the last time for this season. Today still loading ( you must think how big is this thing that he is loading I only do a few thing each day along with all the other stuff that I mess with) at this stage I have most of the stuff that is in the under body and pick up loaded just a few more holes to fill then the interior of the coach will be organized  I have been trying to down load pictures from Susies camera but no go so no pic,s

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oct 3rd

Little Sara loves her ball she used to keep me throwing for a hour or two but now 2/3 times and I think I need a rest

Having trouble getting a clear shot but as you can see there is 6 kids bikes on the back of the motor home for Mexico

3 more bigger bikes on the back end of tow truck total of nine should make for a few Happy kids

Roger and Susie's Travels Today I was out trying to find a Canadian flag for Mexico after about 3 trys Canadian tire was the winner they had a good assortment then back home to continue on my list of things to do for winterizing our place for the winter and still loading stuff for our trip thank god I am retired or (just tired) But every thing is fine except for the budget it went down the tube about 3 months ago oh well life goes on and we seem to be healthy that's good. For those friends that check into our blog and have tried to leave a comment with no success I think I have solved that problem with help from a friend on my settings so please try again

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Sara waiting for a massage!

The morning sun on pampas grass!

Sara waiting for her Dad to come home!

Toga giving Sara a face wash
We'll misss you Toga !
Roger and Susie's Travels