Friday, November 29, 2013

from the 19th to today nov. 29th

Roger and Susie's Travels
Well Here I am trying to catch up with blog after leaving Tucson Freigthlineer we met up with Mike and kitty in Quaymus on the 20th spent a extra day to unwind the rest of the trip to stone island went with no problems arrived at stone Island on the 24th and of course a big welcome from all campers we spent the next few days setting up and getting climatized pretty hot and we were very tired but thing have come to a dull roar and we are relaxing Susie is in town today for nails etc and I am doing a few more set ups and relaxing

Our first sunset at Stone

Going through Hermasea

Familiar site Stone Island

as you can see I have a puzzle started

some were on the road Mexico

Kitty clean up sand off bricks

Another sunset

putting up lights on our umbrella

Last nights dinner

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 18th 2014

Roger and Susie's Travels
Well finally free to go on our journey paid the bill at freightliner a little over 3000 but glad its done and on our way I said to Susie if we sit in Mexico for 2 months and do nothing we might be back to normal . kidding life goes on  we are just happy it is over with ?????? we left there and are in De Anza RV resort\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
I had a opportunity at Freightliner so I stretch it to 60 ft

t close to the Mexican border waiting to here from friends before we decide to cross the border into Mexico

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Back yard anniversary

Roger and Susie's Travels
Roger and Susie at home back yard
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Friday, November 15, 2013


Roger and Susie's Travels
Heading for Nogales to ready to cross the border I started to have more problems with engine over heating started getting bad by the time we hit Tuscon  so we stayed at Lazy Days RV site ended up the next day at frieghtliner for anilizeation bad news radiator has to come out to be cleaned. There quote to us $3000 plus we are stuck in a motel for 5 days and hoping it will be ready by Monday the 18th will add to this post as we get updates pictures taken Saturday morning Radiator back cleaned and they will start to install today Saturday and hopefully finish Monday afternoon today 17th hopefully last day in motel went out and got 5 buck wash job school kids

not bad wash job for 5 bucks
ool kids

Sorry for blur back of engine they were not happy to have me in shop so I was in a hurry

Both radiators cleaned one for engine and one for turbo

Service manager left Mechanic right

This is our home for 5days room 225

10 th/11 th/ Quartzite

Roger and Susie's Travels
headed to Quartzite on sunday have appointment for Monday for satilite dish problems going up getting stuck and not finding satilite. Well Monday after about 4 hours of trying to solve the (new controller tried no luck) took dish off roof looking for rust to relube back on still same problem. delema  decided to buy a new dish pickup the old dish on the way home after Mexico and solve the problem when I have more time this is the first of unexpected exspence $2300

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Roger and Susie's Travels
head out this morning for Avi short trip we like to stay there on our way through Susie and I did the blackjack tournament this happens every Thursday we both ended up at the final table I got nocked out first but still won 50 buck Susie got nocked out 5th and won 70 bucks of course we spent the money in the casino I ended up golfing twice in the area we spent 3 days in the area before heading to Quartzite

Nov.6th/14 Rod Stewart

Roger and Susie's Travels
The reason for Las Vegas (Rod Stewart). Well the show was as Susie would say Awsume he put on one hell of a great show and it must of been good for me to enjoy well worth the devertion in our travels We got a free ride to town for the show but had to take a taxi home 28 bucks with tip not bad


Roger and Susie's Travels
Left early Heading for Vegas I started to have engine over heating on the long steady hill climbs and had gear down and go a lot slower till I got over the hills We arrived a day ahead of our schedule so we had to stay in Sams towns other over flow lot but WIFI was good (hurray)next morning move to main lot (yes no WIFI) did some shopping Camping world etc Casino dinner movie bed time

Nov.3rd /14

Roger and Susie's Travels
Heading for Bakersfield Walmart Shopping Vino booze some groceries dinner at a roadhouse sreakhouse very good nice evening movie and bed

Nov. 2nd 2014

Roger and Susie's Travels
Normally we head from here to Bakersfield Walmart  but on the way home last year we stopped at Chowchila and I had a round golf (the lakes RV golf resort) so I needed some stress relief so we stopped for the night only to find out on the weekends the free golf starts at 11:00 am so I went that afternoon and did nine holes it was a nice break from driving The weather was starting to warm up nicely. And finally WIFI so appys and tapped movie

Nov. 1st 2014

Roger and Susie's Travels
Up and off to Corning to the rolling hill casino stayed in the park so we could get WIFI no luck again (what the shit is happening to the WiFi these days) and of course everybody at these places no problem just bring you computer in to the office (bullshit) the food was at least good there Fuel was $4.10 per gal

Oct. 31st 2014

Roger and Susie's Travels
up and off to seven feathers stayed in there pakt so we could catch up on WIFI no luck nothing but problems so much for paying the big bucks for camping over night so casino dinner and tapped movie early night fuel there was $3.92

Oct 30th 2014

Roger and Susie's Travels
Off to Camping world and some Costco shopping in Wilsonville A little play time for Sara in the fallen autum leaves watch a few taped movies because my Sat. dish is malfunctioning pictures later

Oct. 29th

Roger and Susie's Travels
Left at 7am fro Dan & Marg's house down the Hwy for about a hour or two when fan belt let go and over heated unhook pick up and look for a truck repair shop finaly abot 4 hours latter we were back on the road again we did manage to cath the afternoon ferry to Port Angeles ferry and stayed the night at 7 ceadars casino dinner was great and fuel up was $3.89 per gal.

Oct. 28th start of Mexico trip

Roger and Susie's Travels
Left our house from sunny Saratoga beach Oct 28th late afternoon arrived at Cousins Dan and Marg Nanoose bay area Went out for dinner at local pub rode in my old 48 chevy (which Dan now owns) Had a early evening as we wanted to head to the boat early and Dan had to go to work.

Our 2013 summer

Roger and Susie's Travels
Home from Mexico and all the yard work etc to get back to normal. Then planning for Tracy's move to the Island. First find Tracy and Stuart a place to live finally settle on buying a trailer on a half acre of land very run down and over  grown But after 3 months of gutting and renovating we ended up with a very nice place to live .. Then big move to go get Tracy from Grand Prairie this took about 4 days of travel with pickup and tow dolly for Tracy's car dog and cat .Back to the island and settle in around the end of July by this time. Stuart along with middle gran daughter flew in from grand prarie  They went off to camp Bob for week on  Roberts lake they had a good time. Then off on our 50th wedding anniversary Alaskan cruise Aug. 11th to 18th 14 of friends and family went and all had a great time. After camp bob Alexis flew back home to Grand Prairie  Stuart got enrolled in high school in Campbell River in grade 10 and likes the school and  has made new friends. Susie and I are very happy to have them now living in our area. Had wonderful visit from our oldest  grand daughter Karia her boyfriend Dalton and baby Sara born July first great grand child very happy baby. I manage to golf 3 times a week at a 9 hole course and 1 time a month with the skins club Did a 2  day visit with Bonnie and Bob at there lodge great fishing and great time thanks you Bonnie and Bob. That happened to be my 70th birthday. I can still taste the fresh crab salmon halibut an oysters etc for there sea food night. Our summer weather was the best and Sept Oct were very warm. Sorry for no photos wrong computer will try to in stall photes later just trying to catch up on blog postes to bring us up todate Roger