Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 26th through June 30th

Roger and Susie's Travels (June26Th to 29Th) fooling around on my boat etc orginizing fishing rods and tackle etc. ( June 30Th) Susie and I went and had a golf lesson at Sunny Dale golf and country club excellent instructor learned a lot know hope I can put it to practice and improve my game and Susie's to (cost $60 for a hour)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 21st to 24th back home

Roger and Susie's Travels Well Peggy and Robin Joined us for few days on the way home we stopped at the famous goat on the roof in Cooms and shopped around. the next day (June 22nd)Robin an I went to golf range and hit a basket of ball (I am still in training) after that the four of us went on the boat and did some fishing. the deep sounder was not working so we didn't have much luck with the fish so we just cruised around. (June 23rd) I went to Campbellriver and dropped off the depth sounder to get fixed got back home Robin and I went and did a round golf (9 holes) at our local course. The girls went to town shopping and Robin and I met them for lunch. From there we picked up the now fixed sounder Susie carried on shopping and Robin andI and peggy went fishing. Robin caught 2 small salmon which we sent back to the ocean for future concideration Peggy caught 1 salmon which was big enough to keep but it jumped off the hook right at the boat so we had a pretty good time back home for a barbacue and fire pit we were all pretty tired (big day) (June 24th we went down to the beach at low tide and collected sand dollars Then Robin and Peggy had to leave for home they caught 12:45 from Duke point the rest of the I worked on the boat.

June 19th to June 20th Car show

Roger and Susie's Travels Arrived at Susan and Joseph camp ground in Parksville meet with our local camping buddies (Big) John Robbins and (son & Daughter inlaw) John & Lynn Robbins and Fred and Marg Bates. Our Mexican camping friends Robin and Peggy Roar (from Washington) Also Dan and Sharon Also from Washington (fogot their last name) My cousin and wife Dan and Marg LaRose dropped in on Saturday with his old car (1947 Monark) The big car show was on Sunday they had about 900 cars Bob and Bonny dropped in for a vist away from thesefishing lodge gave us a nice salmon fillet good vist. Here are a few pictures

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More of the same old balony

Roger and Susie's Travels Well besides trying to get ready for the fathers day weekend (on June 16Th)My Buddy Hal decided I should have some more golfing lessons so we went out and did 18 holes as expected I didn't do much better (but except for the extra pressure I did enjoy) By the way out of 18 holes Hal I think parred at least 4 to 5 holes. (June 17Th) My Cousin Dan La Rose called and invited me to come for a ride with him in his self loading logging truck for a round trip from Cumberland logging site in the mountains to the log sorting area on the north side of Campbell River (round trip approx 2.5 to 3 hrs) The bad part was I forgot to bring my camera you would find it interesting to see him loading logs on to the truck. Then to see them unload the truck at the other end. Maybe I will get another time and I will make sure to bring the camera. no pic,s today And I should mention that Susie has been very busy doing wonderful things with the food that we all like for the fathers day weekend.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting ready for farthers day weekend car show

Roger and Susie's Travels (June 14th ) today I started out to wash all vehicles I spent about 4 hrs on the motor home it self (re bugs etc) then the tow dolly for transporting the old 48 chevy I got into the wireing which completed the rest of my day the good part I got all the electrical issuses out of the way. Susie was busy gardening in the back yard setting up small veggy garden area plus her hanging baskets etc . She is also really enjoying her new kitten. (and so is Sara) sorry about the fussy picture I couldn;t figure out how to delete it ????

My birthday etc

Roger and Susie's Travels Well sence the last posting I have had a birthday which Susie supprized me by having 2 buddys come over and have hot dogs and beer good afternoon. (born june 9th 1943) Also got to join a local golf club at our local pub (called Fishermans Lodge Skins) of cousre I did lousy on my first time out. And got there signature song for poor players sung to me by 32 players (go home you bum go home) this corse sung about 10 times (make you feel really welcome) but I can only improve ???? besides that I finally finished the work on the boat runs great ready to put it in the water this week

Monday, June 7, 2010

Garage sale June 6th/2010

Roger and Susie's Travels Well I spent a whole day on saturday trying to find crap for the garage sale on sunday (which lord knows I have a ton of it) except I have to move everything to get at it. The good part I sold about $150.00 worth (then I spent all day monday trying to find place to put back the crap that did't sell) All kidding aside I did learn something for the next one ????(No pictures who wants to see garage sale junk)

Friday, June 4, 2010

I am back again

Roger and Susie's Travels June 3rd Well this is a update from May 24Th things are still going in the mode of getting ready for the spring (excuse me) summer (weather has been crappy) On a high note we had a visit from Robbin and Peggy and Peggy mother Ruth (a sweet heart) ( plus the dogs Rue & Tigger) We all went for a ride in the old 48 chevy every body enjoyed that. we enjoyed the local fare at our local over a 100 year old pub. they spent 2 days and we all had a good time. we will see them again on the 20Th at Fathers day car show in Qualicum. Back to working on my boat I have found extra problems (maintenance ????) which is taking me extra time this year to get in the water. (Robin & Peggy are our friends from Stone Island Mexico they live in Washington near Seattle) Well I am getting ready for a block garage sale which is happening on Sunday ( Susie expects me to empty my crawl space good luck with that but I will try ??????)