Sunday, May 4, 2014

April 15th to May 4th

Roger and Susie's Travels Well here I am catch up time about 2 weeks plus after the pond thing the pump just quite the other day so today I have replaced the pump cost $113 for about 5 years service I geuss thats not too bad. In the last 2 weeks with yard work on going I have brought back a old project that I started about 7 years ago (my friend triggered my mojo by saying to me what is that under the blanket in my shop ) of course I had to tell him it was something I started to do about 7 years ago so no time like the present to start looking for all the parts to put it back together.
Okay what now

Guess who

Hank Easter weekend

Looks like trouble ???

Happy Ester
Cliff and Betty joined us for Ester weekend (cool)
Do I have to really wear this outfit
John were is every body

Okay now with wheels on it it does look lick some thing

 Okay its ready

Still a long way to go but getting there


  1. Nice paint job on the John Deere.

  2. Great looking Company , for Easter dinner ! Thanks so much for the wonderful time . XoX Bets .