Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On the move agian

Roger and Susie's Travels (Mar.31st) Went golfing again this morning my game seems to be improveing at least to me???? stopped on the way home at Safeway bought some more wine (so cheap) at home (canada) I ordered a batch of wine at the you brew (cost $125 for 20 liters) I bought down here (US) 4-5 litre boxes = 20 litres for $11 US per box x4 = 20 litres you do the math I think our goverment must be taxing us to much ?????? any way we moved over to the dry parking at Avi for one more night I want to do another theater show to night maybe a little more gambling we will be moving over to Harrahs (dry park) to spend a few days in Laughlin so may be off line for a few days then we are heading to Mesquite Nevada for few days. will catch up then.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Golf day plus

Roger and Susie's Travels (Mar.30th) today got my golf clubs out from under coach (first time this year and last year) went to a local golf course on the AZ side (9 hole par 3) price $10 for 9 holes I am doing better then usual (took 40 strokes) should be 27 but what the hell I had fun. We will be doing a blackjack tournment tonight cost $10 (for a extra $5 you get their buffet dinner) by playing black jack tournment. (some pic,s of the 9 hole golf course)

Casino day

Roger and Susie's Travels (Mar.29th) Typical day at a casino camp ground took the dog for ball playing and her dutys went to the casino and played texas holdem (aprox 4 to 5 hrs) before a ran out of my budget Susie was playing slot machines how well she did (don't ask)???? I then took in a movie at movie theater They have about 6 different currents shows you can ($6.50 per person) I watched green zone with Mat Daiman pretty good show (but no Oscor) then take the dog out for final run then to bed.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

KOA camp ground Avi Casino Laughlin NV

Roger and Susie's Travels (Mar. 28th) left Quartzite around 9:00 fueled up arrived Avi casino around 10:30 staying at the KOA camp ground there and set up. Susie went off shopping for some groceries going to spend a quiet day watch tv etc.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

88 Shades RV Park

Roger and Susie's Travels (Mar. 27th) Left Harrahs today and arrived at Quartsite early afternoon. Staying at 88 Shades RV Park ( rate 28.25 US per night) spent most of my time trying to catch up on emails and the blog

Roger and Susie's Travels (Mar.26th) up at 8:00 am lots of hugs and goodbyes and group pictures. Mike & Kitty Bob & Bonnie Don & Danelda are heading to Yuma this morning. We stoped Ajo for breakfast (while there we bought a very nice large photo of a limited addition painting of Mexican native girl in early setting by the original artist which I will make speacial frame for the motor home Price $24.00 US) We are heading to Harrahs at Maricopa 2 hrs away in the Phoenix area.

Kittys birthday

Roger and Susie's Travels (Mar.25th) Left Santa Ana around 8:00 am heading for Lukeville US crossing we dropped off our visit0r visa,s and vehicle permits at about 13 miles before border (no problem with that) arrived at the border about 12:30 crossed without a hitch. We are on our way to Why camp ground called Hickiwan trails R.V. Park (rate $16.00 US) We spent the afternoon and early evening celebrating Kittys 63rd birthday we had happy hour barbacue potluck then the girls went to local casino (very small about 20 to 30 slot machines) and us boys played poker

Santa Ana mexico

Roger and Susie's Travels (Mar.24th) on the hwy by 7:00am heading for Santa Ana Bob & Bonnie got searched at a Military check point took about 45 min. but no problems. Arrived early afternoon stayed at a local small quaint rv park called Edgar and Anna Burgers the rate for no hook ups was $ 130 pesos ($10.50 Can.) I think it was $150 pesos and you got electricity we had happy hour then a pot luck barbacue dinner and then to bed
Roger and Susie's Travels (Mar.23rd) Leaving Tres Amigos RV Park at 7:00am three rigs traveling together Mike & Kitty (5th wheel) Bob & Bonnie plus brother Don & Danelda (travel Trailer) Roger & Susie (motor home) most every body got up to see us off (lots of hugs) Our first destination was Navojoa on hwy 15 arrived at 4:30 pm (no problems) stayed in the Pemex that night and fueled up for the next days drive also Bob set up the barbacue for dinner that night we also watch hockey (Canucks & Sharks) and played poker at our place that evening (I think I finally won some money pesos of course) bed time 9:30 ( again no problems staying over night in the Pemex lots of trucks well lit)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Roger and Susie's Travels Today we are completely ready to head out tomorrow morning. we will be traveling with two other units Mike and Kitty and Bonnie and Bob along with Bobs brother and wife. We finshed off the night by going out for dinner with Robin and Peggy (Washington buddys) and Don and Barb (new Ontario buddys) at Carmalina (local restraunt) good food came home checked in with friends before going to bed Tim and Cherl (our very good friends from Colarado) along with the rest our group leaving in the morning. We will be off line for three or four days will catch up when we are back on the internet.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boat moving day

Roger and Susie's Travels Todays project move boat to were it will be stored till next year it will also get repairs and painting while we are gone. then bring my home made trailer to the motor home for the tear down and store in motorhome. it took me about one hour to take it all apart. then happy hour etc.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Roger and Susie's Travels Continuing to put things away for traveling north. Susie went to town to have her toes done. they had their last vollyball game for the season. For dinner a bunch of us (about 16 of us) went to one of island restraunts called Letys they had a special everybody wanted to try it was Chile Reano (this is a large mild pepper stuffed with 3 different cheeses plus bannas rasins etc then baked) excelent tasting gooood

Friday, March 19, 2010

Roger and Susie's Travels Mar. 17th spent most of the day getting ready for the big move washing mats window screens etc and had the mexican guys wash the coach (cost $300 peso,s $25 can.) Mar. 18th started the day with a massage for both Susie & I one hour long each (cost $200 peso,s each $16.50 Can.)then to benji,s for lunch with Robin & Peggy and Susie & I. The afternoon we prepared salmon and prawns for a large happy hour with our fellow campers there was probbaly 25 to 30 people attending this is pretty typical

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sara,s nails

Roger and Susie's Travels you will notice that I some times am a little slack at entering on a daily bases But I will try to catch up the last few days have been relaxing happy hours reading books getting ready to leave Stone Island and start to head home (leaving here on Mar. 23rd)yesterday I started by taking my screen room (tent) apart a put away under the coach. today I am planning to go in to Mazatlan with Mike & Kitty to dog groomer to see if I can get Sara (our pet dog) nails cut its cheaper down here. Well we went to town got there too early so went for breakfast (good and cheap eggs ranchero 38 pesos $3 can.) got Sara nails cut (you would think she got killed) cost 20 pesos ( under $2 can.) then home for happy hour etc Pictures another day of fishing we got skunked again my little garden

Friday, March 12, 2010

Trip to town etc (Mazatlan)

Roger and Susie's Travels This morning we watched the campers play volleyball. Then Susie and I went to Mazatlan casino where Susie lost her driver lic. etc thank god they found it. From there we went shopping and lunch at a chinese restraunt ( mistake ) then back to stone island for happy hour and watched some very large kites in the air the guys had a real hard time handling them one guy got dragged into the ocean they finally quite. oviouslly to dangeres then plaid poker tonite and lost as usual (158 pesos aprox $12 to 13 bucks) the pictures one is us riding the bus in Mazatlan and the others are the kites

Thursday, March 11, 2010

baby shower etc

Roger and Susie's Travels This week starting Monday we watched the camp site play vollyball in the morning I went fishing in the afternoon for a couple of hours before Susie and I attended a baby shower for Eli Wife at Benjis restraunt over 200 people showed up this is pretty big in Mexico. On Tuesday was a beach day because the weather was nice plus relaxing and reading books. Wedensday vollyball in the morning another day of relaxing and reading Had Mike and Kitty for diiner. Thursday Susie had a massage in our motor home then I had one (great) Susie went to town with peggy to the casino and donated a little to the cause. we are suppose to play horse racing tonite??? one of our camper caught a fish from casting off shore the fish is called roaster fish about 17 pounds.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pictures from Library local photo,s

Roger and Susie's Travels Today we went to a crib tourament put on by fellow campers Bonnie and Bob Brown at local restraunt Carmaletas Barb and Don came in first and won $150 peso,s we came in second and won $50 peso ( our entrance fee) Mike and kitty won hidden score $100 peso,s any way we all had a good time and did lunch there. the weather has not been great so we are not doing the beach right now. pictures sunset/airal of Mazatlan and local horses in the area

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Roger and Susie's Travels Today very boreing weather cloudy and the bugs are bad today (nates) got a little further on the landscaping will show a few more pictures. people here are a little concerned with the recent things happening in Mazatlan and on the Island a few weeks ago Robin had a television and some tools stolden from his out side tent a few days ago one of our local restraunts Cordon right between park #1 and #2 the security guard was tied up and some atv,s were stolden then in Mazatlan a Calgary couple in one of the rv parks over there broken into and the man was shot in the leg so it seems like we are getting a rash of these problems?????

Friday, March 5, 2010

Roger and Susie's Travels Pretty slow for the past few days people are leaving on a regular base and I am still doing my lanscaping and relaxing reading a book etc the picture will be some progress on the landscaping.