Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ketchup time

At Joseph and Susans camp site

Our camping buddies for the weekend from the left Big John Robins Fred and Marg bates and of course Susie

My 48 Chevy

Ball eagle sitting just above us

Part of the car show

Add caption

Thank god we are home

Roger and Susie's Travels Well time to sign in lots of the usual stuff I think sence the last blog Susie and I have traveled to some of the local Islands on day trips etc. The latest is doing the fathers day car show in Qualicum. (700 cars +/- ) stayed at Joseph and Susans camp site in Parksville (very nice ocean view) we also found a place to redo our floor in the motor home in that area Lanzville industral area this was recomended by our camping friends Fred and Marg (RV sale and service place) so we left it in there and drove home in the old 48 chevy (ran like a dream)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 8th & 9th/ 011

Looks good but no fish I think the timing was off ???

Whoes that

How did I get here

Sara says whats more important my ball or those lilys

Just playing with the camera
Roger and Susie's Travels June 8th My buddy ( Hal) and I went fishing for the first time this year ( we have heard of some great catches) but to no evale (not happening this time) but good time cruising anyway. we spent about 3hrs trying no big deal (better luck next time.) June 9th My birthday today (the big 68th) but as always I am up early and on the go. stopped at a local golf course and shot a basket of balls. Then off to get the motor home from the repair shop (they are not finished they ordered a micro wave /convection oven 2 week delivery )that is all that is left for repairs but I brought it home to do my own re&re  plus cleaning will take it back for final repair. washed the unit cut some grass got many calls re birthday and emails then Susie prepared  a nice dinner( good stuff) interesting while in the back yard I was taking our kitchen waste to our little composting unit I opened the top to deposit my waste only to come eye to eye with a rat having dinner in my compost now I know you all will say OH MY GOD but rats are very common on Vancouver Island and I am sure that they have reason for being here this rat was not happy to see me but I could tell he was very healthy and let him scurry away ( they do get into bird feeders etc) but all in all a good day

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7th 011

Some of our pond lillies

Sara washing her ball

please get my ball out of the pond please please please

Susies artistic work

some more of Susies artistic work

Inukshuk on guard
Roger and Susie's Travels Well today was to check on motor home ( very disapointed they left the micorwave connvection oven to the last minute and it is a 2 week delivery oh well ??) then on to checking out my under ground sprinklers etc (a on going job every year) most things are going okay

June 6th 011

Leaving Campbell River  to Quadra Island

Herit Bay Hotel  where we catch the ferry to Cortes

Heading to Cortes Island

Gorge Harbour restraunt Cortes

Roger and Susie's Travels Well today Susie and I did a day trip. We always talk about doing these but never do. So today we went to Quadra Island and Cortes Island  for a bit of site seeing etc

June 7th Day trip plus

Leaving Campbell River to Quadra Island
 Herit bay hotel on Quarda Island neet place thats where we catch the ferry to Cortes

cool old boat at Herit bay marina

A few more clasics

Heading to Cortes

Roger and Susie's Travels Well Susie and I went on a day trip some thing we talk about but never do today june 6th we went to Quadra island then to Cortes Island had a bit of a site seeing tour but most things not open (monday and to early in the season ) interesting sites but we were having trouble getting something to eat (every thing closed) but we finally found a little hamburger joint so all was well then off to the ferrys to get home for the hockey game ( I guess we did not have to hurry oh well there is the next game on Wed.) the ferrys you catch the one to Quadra then drive across the Island and catch another ferry to Cortes then do the same coming back so to do it properly you need to get up early to do the Islands in one day 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1/2011

Tracys dog (Hank) in Grand Prarie

Beaver Lodge in Grand Prarie

Susie flying come or going to Grand Prarie ???

Susie flying into Comox

Stone man #4

Stone man #3

Stone men # 1&2

one of our local marinas  having the chanel dug out at low tied in the back ground

Machinery used

My wisteria under my deck

Just a time to relax

Some body building a sand castel ??? on our local beach about a 1000 ft from home

taking boat to fresh water marina the black spot in the picture is a spider hanging off the back of the boat canapy

ducks etc in the river at low tide along with a white swan in the area where I keep my boat

a zoom in of the swan

this is the boat that is moved to the fresh water marina

my 48 chevy
Roger and Susie's Travels I though it was about time I catch up on the blog. The past month I have been busy with getting repairs done to the motor home (not complete yet) yard work working on both boats ( I do have the one for sale finally in the water at the marina ready for fishing) I have got my old 48 chevy up and running for the first car show in Qualicum for fathers day on the 20th of june ( will be staying at Joseph and Susans RV park in Parksville) I have been golfing with the club in our area that I joined last year ( I am sorry to say I have not got good enough to impress them oh well I will keep trying) Susie made a trip out to Grand Prarie to vist Tracy and the grand children she had a good time ( she celebrated her 65th birthday with them ) I made Susie while she was gone to Grand Prarie those stone men ( you know the elimpic logo ) plus bought 4 hanging baskets plus a camera when she got home ( I think that covered the birthday and mothers day ????)