Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oct29th/30th from Roger

Roger and Susie's Travels Susie is going to do most of our travel posts. But I will sneak in every once in a while. Yesterday I went golfing at a local 9 hole just to see if my improvements I made this year were still there much to my surprise I haven't lost what I have learned good thing. Today I went to a car show in Laughlin Nevada much to my surprise there were very few old cars that I like instead there were a ton of newer small cars (PT Cruiser etc) that they have special clubs for.The pictures will explain

Oct. 27th through to 31rst at AVI Nevada

Roger and Susie's Travels ! Now in Laughlin stay at KOA at Avi/Resort/casino, 3 night,s. Stopped at reststop, Trucker mentioned "Cat", Rog said 350 but he meant Toga looking out window!! Weather is very warm, enjoying it, caught up on laundry and Rog catch's .99 cent Ham/eggs in Casino.. Gotta get him back on track very soooon!!

Oct. 26th day four

Roger and Susie's Travels Windmill,s thru Mojav Desert! Olive Pit stop for yummy olive,s. Our bed slide shaft/gear broke down and Roger invented how to get it out and with my help getting it in. Corning is Rolling Hill,s Casino/RV park and very warm here, yeah!! Sara had her ball fun thn we went for dinner at Bar/restaurant (food is very good ) chatted with friendly guy,s who had been golfing , ending up buying our dinner/wine , found out they are owner,s of the resort, what a nice surprize! Watched T.V. Left in morning after Rog had buffet breakfast for $4.50 ! Must get him back to eating healthier very soon!!

Oct. 25th day three

Roger and Susie's Travels ! Sara and Toga taking turns being Roger,s co-pilot. This is first trip with Toga he is very comfy and not nervous with anything! Spent night at Seven Feather,s Canyonville,Oregon, Diesel is cheaper here/with player,s card they are very friendly attendant,s and give out doggy treat,s!!

Oct. 24th day two

Roger and Susie's Travels! Sara and Toga after a long day of travelling. Roger at a reststop with Sara(he didn't read the sign)!Stayed at Lucky Casino for free, with hookups/inter net..

Oct. 24th travels

Roger and Susie's Travels (Susie will add details later)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fish Hatchery

Roger and Susie's Travels This has not much about our travels I just thought it might be interesting. I went to a open house at one of our local fish hatcheries. I hope the pictures will be self explainitory.

Beginning of Vacation

Roger and Susie's Travels Spent 22nd at Roger,s cousin,s overnight and up way to early for me so Rog left me in bed as he drove to Victoria Ferry . We left our beautiful island for a warmer spot for the winter. Drove from Port Angeles to Rochester Wash. Roger was too tired to drive further as he was up at 4am. Over night at"Lucky Eagle Casino" R.V. spot with hookups, for $9 even free wireless was a bonus. Not sure if I should try my luck out!! Or wait for Seven Feather,s. Try book by Jane Kenny "Casino Camping"

Saturday, October 16, 2010

bringing boat home to put to bed for winter

Roger and Susie's Travels Finaly got some good weather to bring the boat home and get it ready for the winter storage it will take a few hours to get it empty flushed out (salt water) and tarped on for the winter

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oct. 13thb

Roger and Susie's Travels Sara and Toga Kissing, Toga is in the dryer and both having a siesta! They were in bed with me while I was recupertating from flu/cold!! Yesterday Toga wasn't his self so he's at Vet today for test,s hoping nothing serious or $$$$ he,s only 7 months old but as you can see he is a big brute he,s 17lbs. and Sara is 12lbs.Don't tell Sara but he is taller then her!! Adios for now