Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spaghetti dinner by Jon & Joan

Crook pots of spaghetti meat sause

Roger and Susie's Travels We had our first gathering at our new social area Jon & Joan put on a spaghetti dinner for park #2 there was two large crook pots of meat sause and at least three big pots of spaghetti. Plus mic salads app,s deserts etc brought by fellow campers. I think there was at least 40 plus people. We all had lots to eat ( great food ) thanks Jon & Joan for a wonderful meal. To end a great night we had a nice small fire in Larrys Barbacue pit ( for roasting wennie,s and marsh mellows)


Roger and Susie's Travels

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our new social gathering place for pot luck etc

Drift wood to difine our space for social gatherings

Gravel spread

Power table bar built by Bob Brown

Larrys barbacue pit (for wennies & Marsh mellows)
 Roger and Susie's Travels  We Camp #2 residents have created a place for our pot luck gatherings etc Thanks to all for contributing to the cost of the pea gravel ($2300 pesos $190.00 aprox Can.) and all the labour to level

Lunch next door at the new hotel

pool bar they serve from the pool also

Donna had a shrimp dish very good most of us had hambers also very good
Roger and Susie's Travels Susie and myself thought we would check out next door at the new hotel before we new it there was a group of 12 of us. lunch was good and resonable. We will check them out more often

Monday, December 27, 2010

Xmass day dinner

Now this is what a traditional Xmass dinner should look like this. Mike and Kitty having their Xmass dinner with Doug and Christine at Doug and Christines place

Carmalitas xmass dinner

Roger and Susie's Travels  Every body had a great time except same problem they (restraunt) do not seen to know how to greate a traditional Xmass dinner for us. #1 We were lead to believe we were going to get a buffet but instead they deliver our meal to the table. #2 not enough food #3 our table recieved no vegtables we got a ice cream scoop of potatoes/gravey and the same amount of turkey and a couple of prawns (very disapointing) as a result next year we will be making our own Xmass dinner Sorry for the spelling my spell check wants to change every thing to spanish

Xmass eve dinner Topalo

Ready for dinner at Topalo

In side topalo restraunt no flash

Volly ball spectators

puzzel helpers

Susie buying the beach again
Roger and Susie's Travels 8 of us did dinner in Mazatlan restraut called Topalo farily high end nice time had by all my camera did not get a good shot of restrant if I can get pictures from the other friends i will post. Robin & Peggy Larry & Donna Waldo & Melody Roger & Sussie

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wed golfing

Robbin upset with his golf score and Larry had to buy the beer
This shot after Robbin put one in the lake

Larry looking for his ball

Roger and Susie's Travels Wed golfing Three of us Robbin Larry and myself 9 hole course in Mazatlan cost $250 pesos ($20 Can.) Golf cart $150 pesos ($12 Can.)

Donations of gifts for Mexican familys

Roger and Susie's Travels These pictures are of gifts that were donated or bought from our raffles of park #1 &#2 plus other donation drives they manage to look after 29 familys and 62 children these pictures were taken at Benji,s Through Debra Marshall

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec.20th Raffle

lots of great food supplied by everybody

Kitty spent a big part of her day creating this home made Sushi (big hit)


Roger and Susie's Travels  We had a huge success for our Xmas hamper drive. We raised $2000.00 pesos
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Dec. 20th Park #1 Raffle

Roger and Susie's Travels  Well we had a huge sucess on our raffle we raised $2000.00 Pesos for the xmass food hampers

Monday, December 20, 2010

Volly ball

Roger and Susie's Travels
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Dec 20th volly ball

Roger and Susie's Travels Volly ball this morning will be having our raffle this afternoon will show results in another blog

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crib Sunday Dec.19th

Tim Susie Cherle Roger

Joseph John Susan Joan

Barb Bob Bonnie Hank

Kitty on a cold day was under 80% or was she under the weather?

Roger and Susie's Travels Today started off the day as usual except that it is crib day. But we had a lower number then we usually have so we had it in the park. Started about 11.00 am happy hour stared about the same time and went on till 5 or 6 all I know it was dark. Bob and bonnie came in first and Susie and I came in second and Hank and Barb came in third

Raffle for charity on Stone Island

Roger and Susie's Travels Park #1 had a raffle for Xmas hampers for the under privileged on Stone Island which I understand was very successful. Susie then decided that Park #2 should do the same so Susie and friends have managed to put together a raffle which we hope will also be a huge success. Aprox. 13 prizes in total

Going to town Mazatlan

Roger and Susie's Travels Going to town Susie and I went to town to get hair cuts at the mall (cost 40 pesos $3.50 can.) then off to the Fat Fish for lunch (pork ribs 2 plates over flowing) for $160 pesos $14.00 can. then Susie got a few hrs at the casino and left while up then happy hour and dinner with Mike and Kitty a full day