Monday, March 25, 2013

Mar 24th catch up

Port Angelies ferry dock

These are few pictures of what it looks like before spring clean up

Some shells I brought home interesting
Roger and Susie's Travels Well after Seven Feathers We stopped at Wilson ville But did little shopping just relaxed for the day. Then off to Port Angeles Susie  did a little shopping but I think she was done with that nonsense stayed at a local park so we caught head out in the morning we had  planned to visit my Cousin on the way home but too tired just wanted to get home and relax. here we are and glad but welcome home to another pile of work to get ready for spring. Don't get me wrong I actually like doing this get ready for spring

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mar. 21st Seven Feathers Casino

Susie was having hard time getting shot of mount Shasta while I was driving  but these are good plus a few others

Oh lord when will it all end
You will notice we have two fridges where the table used to be this is not normal for a camping trip but with the main fridge down we are making do quite well till we get home (2 bar fridges for next year you can never have enought)
Roger and Susie's Travels We have arrived at Seven Feathers Casino in Canyon ville Oregon and to my surprise we have Internet and we are in a dry camping area (cost nothing to stay overnight) except Susie will leave a few coins in the slot machines or maybe not ???? so I will catch up on today's blog picked up fuel this morning (bargain) at $3.90per gal first time on this trip under 4 bucks the days drive was good only about 5 hrs (A very comfortable drive for us old retired farts) so relax and have few wines and ready for the next days drive

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

16 to 20th

casino parking lot in the mountains

we traveled about 60 miles to get to this Casino in the mountains about 13 miles of very windy roads not really ment for a motor home

a good day of golfing in Chowchilla

Today I went out for a hair cut Susie thinks I should wear a hat for the next 3 weeks ?????

it looked a little better before the wind got at it
Roger and Susie's Travels 16th left Palm Desert had to fight a head wind coach got very hot some hills I had to go in low range to keep from over heating plus we were climbing a mountain over 4000 ft in elevation pulled into a rest stop noticed my tow hitch looking not right found the hitch breaking away from frame of the truck so Susie had to drive the pickup and follow me to Bakersfield stayed at the Walmart then the next day we went off to a casino that in the mountains stayed there over night the off to Chowchilla Lake RV park got a free round of golf also found a welding shop and welded up the hitch problem then off to Corning we are staying here for two day both Susie and I got a cold so sore throat and stuffed heads so feeling crappy for the last 3 to 4 day but feeling better now ran into our first bit of rain yesterday on the way to Corning the weather here is cloudy cold and miserable welcome to the world we are heading into heading for Seven feathers tomorrow 21st ( note we will probably not be back on Internet till we get home so this maybe last blog on the road ???? will probably home in 4 to 5 days )

Friday, March 15, 2013

Desert hot springs 12/13/14/15th

Desert hot Springs note snow in the hills but the weather is very warm

You quess it walking around I came across another bargin used 1 season a bar fridge asking $100 I paid eghty this will be easy to bring back next year will fit under table
Roger and Susie's Travels 12th heading for desert Hotsprings to vist Hal and Jackie we will spend a few days relaxing etc went golfing with Hal and group on thursday shot a 96 still breaking a 100 hope this keeps up the girls shopping and a little casino I do believe Susie won a little money for more on the way home will head out tomorrow for Lake of the woods Chowchila CAL. working our way home


Some complete some being worked on this just a small sample of his cars in Yuma he also has about 20 plus in Kamloops

New garage to house cars plus 1 in back of this one with 4 in it

the new motor home port on the left is also for company and for cars etc

You guess it she found a tennis ball

Mar 10th tonights casino Yuma

On our way to Yuma Ajho

Bob and verles back yard pool
Roger and Susie's Travels Heading to Yuma today staying at a casino tonight Susie needs a casino fix off to our friends Bob and Verlie Wills for a vist supper etc Bob is involved in old cars so off for a ride to check some of his toys this is a car show of its own

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lukeville crossing

Roger and Susie's Travels today was a little longer but everything went smooth no issues a along the way and no problems at border stay at why RV park to night heading for Uma pictures Susie took while on the road

Friday, March 8, 2013

San Carlos second night

These are shells I picked off the beach at San Carlos at first glance you would think this was a burial site ????

pretty cool stuff

And what do you think this looks like
Roger and Susie's Travels Well today was a relaxing day slept in the girls did a little shopping came back before noon the four of us went to J,J,s for lunch then off on a adventure ended up at Soggy pesos bar for a drink or two watched wind surfing very cool then off for more site seeing and back to our units for happy hour of course we will be up early for our final leg of Mexico going to cross the border at Lukville