Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30th Boat #2 project

Note the cool decals on the side windows they are from the defunk Pacific western air lines the boat will be called the flying goose

Roger and Susie's Travels Well the last few days I have been working on boat #2 not the one I am tring to sell after getting this one out of the garage and building a shelter over it so I can work with out having to pull a tarp off every time I have concentrated on getting the winshield back on (quite a feat) but it is happening. We must remember this is 1980 vintage so everything has to be cleaned repainted etc just another step closer to the end product

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26th catch up time

opened the hot tub to check cemicals etc and noticed a tree frog enjoying the ombience of the hot tub???

Johns new pitza maker

John invited Susie and I over for wine and pitza looking good

Now when I think of home made pitza I think of those frozen things you get at the grocery store not these ones John makes them from scratch so if he invites you over for pitza don't think frozen say omy god what time do you want me there 

Looking good

Cover over boat pretty close to finished so I can work out of the weather the lattace is so it is a little more pleasing to the nieghbours
Roger and Susie's Travels The last few days is business as usual golfing working on boat cover some clean up garden area for Susie cut grass (never ending) etc etc Plus our normal socializing our local pub with friends the weather has been unusaually crappy but we still love our green enviroment sorry about spelling having trouble with spell check will keep trying

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20th new project

Frame and pieces for boat roof

Frame up and adding extra braces

Tarp on biut still extra braces to install

Sara got bored from me not throughing the ball
Roger and Susie's Travels Well the last couple of days have been to get a roof over the new boat that I am working on it is now out of the garage and can not go back in there once I but the windshield back on

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18th

Roger and Susie's Travels Just got home from Fathers day camping and car show had a great time lots of fun food and drinks of course and a few pictures well I had alot more pictures but to slow to down load

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

From the last post til today June 13th

As you can see dolly hooked up and ready to go

She chomping at the bit to get out Tomorrow
Roger and Susie's Travels Pretty hard to beat the last event at Bob and Bonnie Lodge but getting ready for Fathers day car show and shine in Qualicum. This is our third year and we stay at Joseph and Susans Rv park Paradice mini golf in Parksville (cool place over looking the ocean.) We meet with a group of friends for the weekend the show is on Sunday so we hang out and have a good time. We arrive on Friday and leave on Monday the big push is to get every thing cleaned up and ready to go so far the motor home got emptied from Mexico but major cleaning plus mic re & re but not serious so washing the out side is left and the dolly and old car hook up

Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9th

Well this was the fram work that was for the boat to fit in the garage which is going to be tore a part because no longer needed

boat moved to new location for final finishing

a little triming

new hedge hair cut

I think she is enjoying life
Roger and Susie's Travels Well my birthday today 69 year young my mine is like a 50 year old not quite sure were to go from here but my body say,s slow down you idiot ( my birthday present was the last couple of days of fun now back to reality today I got lots of things done we had a tree trimer in and had the back headge cleanedup and topped for the first time also move the boat that I have been working on for the last two years moved out of the back yard and to an area that I can complete the rest of the project

June 8th Harrison Lodge

Not sure if we are heading out or coming home but very cool

Eagle picking up a fish that Bob threw out

same guy

I think they got pissed off with us getting this close

Before we moved in closer
Roger and Susie's Travels Up early to go fishing again this time Joseph and I went with Bob !!!!!Eric (the guide and Don)(Bobs brother went out too) and the girls slept in as usual (which they enjoyed to do and did their own socializing while we were gone) we managed to catch 3 fish we were out about 4 plus hours we watched mother bear and her cubs on shore plus had fun with bald eagles throwing small fish and watching them come down to the water to grab them then back for lunch then time to go home oh dam but we had such a wonderful time it was such a pleasure to be with friends and have so much fun and Bob and Bonnie are such wonderful hosts can not say enough about how good of a time we had looking forward to doing it again Thank you Bonnie and Bob

June 7th Harrison Lodge

Ahh nice fish

Good looking fish not so much for me I picked a rain out fit a bit to big my pants kept falling down OH WELL


They look good all filleted

They fixed the plumimg in Bonnie unit to make it flow properly I hope she,s awake when she gets off this toilet Don't get the wrong impression this is not typical for the guess,s units they are first class

Joseph and Susan but not sure who but she sure looks sea faring

Ahh dinner treats

reloading crab trap

nice shot of the lodge
Roger and Susie's Travels Well up early to go fishing Bob Joseph and Bobs Brother Don went out about 6 in the morning plus they had a charter which was looked after by Eric a lodge Guide  and I went out with Brent and his buddy Doug in Doug's boat  we all managed to catch fish very happy then of course we got back about noon had a wonderful breakfast lunch (awesome) the rest of the afternoon we spent shooting golf balls off the dock at a 136 ft target  great fun plus doing things like watching them clean fish having drinks playing pool etc the girls were playing various games and socializing etc Brent and Doug had to leave to head back home can't remember when but we did go out the crab trap and picked up 4 good size crabs so added to dinner that night

June 6th

Susie waiting for Susan and Joseph at the front door of the Lodge


Ahh they are here

sit down dinner after happy hour then some more
Roger and Susie's Travels Well today we are traveling to visit with Bob and Bonnie at the lodge (the cat was left enough food to last a few days etc) Sara was dropped at my sister and brother in laws place in Port Alberni for a few days that's on the way we were going (thanks Betty and Cliff) then off to Toquart Bay to catch up with Bob and Bonnie they picked us up in their boat (nice) then off to the lodge ( but checked the crap trap on the way no luck) arrived at the lodge about 10 minutes later and relaxed ( a few drinks of course) Brent and a friend (Doug) had arrived  the day before but they were out fishing and got in after we were there But the big thing was Joseph and Susan From Parksville were coming to spent there anniversary with Bonnie and Bob but didn't know the rest of us were there to surprise them so good times