Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday. Tuesday. Wednsday

Defrost time

And your point is !!!!!!!
Roger and Susie's Travels  Monday Clean the fridge day etc Tuesday Golfing etc Wednsday Dentist teeth cleaning etc

Monday, February 27, 2012

A blast from the past

My Father in the middle (Romeo) Uncle Jonny to the left The guy on the right not sure This picture I think was taken out in Olds Alberta or Port Alberni BC in the forties because my uncle is wearing his army pants My father married my mom in Port Alberni with 4 little Children around 1942 because I was born June 1943 (her husband was killed in a sawmill accident)

This is my uncle Jonny I alwasy remember him with this two day old beard  very quiet guy a man of few words but I stayed out in Alberta one winter and he helpt me out quite abit as a result he is my Favorite Uncle long pasted
Roger and Susie's Travels Got a email from my Cuz Deanna She sent me a couple of pictures from the past One is her dad and my favorite Uncle and one of my Father and my uncle plus I am not sure who the third guy was he is either a friend or another relative ??? Thanks Deanna this has brought back some fond memeries

Send off dinner for Brent Donna and Bud Wendy

Roger and Susie's Travels Quiet day today after the Karaoke night then a nice send off dinner

Karaoke night Twisted Mommas Feb 25th

Trip over took two boat loads

took 3 trucks to get us all there

Approx 10 to a truck

Tim Cheryl and Kids

Bud and Wendy

Even stand below the curb he is still over a foot taller


On our way home
Roger and Susie's Travels A group of about 29 of went went Mazatlan Karaoke night at Twisted Mommas Good time had by all

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 24th Isla

Susie trying to catch the big waves but not close enough

I think it is time for a swim

Tough life

My mode of transportation when relaxing

Volleyball day

The tough part was getting back up

Bonnie taking the day off
Roger and Susie's Travels just about every other day is some times a quiet day this one of them for me any way

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Feb.23rd Isla

Today's sunset the weather cool but still Paritice
Roger and Susie's Travels Today was another golf day (and why not) we did have another pot luck with the left overs from the fish fry which was cool and of course happy hour to go with that (I,m thinking you think were a bunch of drunks around here ????) and who cares

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wed. Feb. 22nd Isla

What can I say pretty god loking shit (stuff)
Ahh good looking shit (stuff) and nimble hands I think they belong to Margery Plus Trish in the background behind me some where


Big  preperation

I quess I was not supposed to eat this (I was thinking I was a Judge quess not)

Fish crew

Waiting for the good stuff

What can I say the end to a very good evening

And let us not forget the very important Margeretas Tim and Crew
Roger and Susie's Travels This morning I took Sara to the vet to get her teeth cleaned and nails cut kept me out of trouble for about 6 hours till I got home things went well cost me 900 pesos ($75 plus canadian) this would cost $400 plus Canadian at home. When I got home things were under way on Bobs fish fry Today was Fish fry day put on by Bob Brown and company ( I think the crew was Bob and Mike with Jon doing the french frys ??? hope I got that right) which means every body in camp contributed to the cause beside the fish Halibit'Durado and french frys deepfried the Salmon barbacued Brent did a spaggety with sea food sause and Kitty with help from friends Margery and Trish did her sushi not to mention all the rest of the goodies every body else made salads bean salads etc. and to top this off Tim and son inlaw were in charge of the Margerta machine to make sure we did not go thirsty

Feb. 21st and 22nd Isla

Some sort of a resemblents of a horse shoe competion

End of sunset

What can I say more happy stuff

This was taken on the golf course something different

Happy hour these thing just happen have no idea???

Start of Sunset

Middle of sun set
Roger and Susie's Travels Monday what can I say we are having fun as usual and happy hour always creeps in Tuesday golfing of course what else ????

Monday, February 20, 2012

A race in time

Ahh cervesa

Molaky Restraunt

Deep fried 1 kilo 150 pesos

homeward bound
Roger and Susie's Travels Lots of things going on today volly ball lunch locally. Taco,s  in the bag by Tim an Cherl at dinner time held at Jon and Joan,s place ( Bag of taco.s crushed up in the bag slice the side of the bag open and add all the goodies hamberger diced tomatoes sour cream and many other items) then mix in the bag and digin withn the fork to cap this off Jon built a nice camp fire