Monday, December 31, 2012

New Yaers Eve Party


Roger and Susie's Travels Well we Susie and I plus Kitty and Mike left a little early (seniours you know) kidding  we had a really good time the music was great the food was great the waiters were a little conffused at times but for the most part they did a great job so they got a good tip as the pictures will show we all had a great time HAPPY NEW YEAR

Dec. 31st

Roger and Susie's Travels We are getting ready to go next door to the hotel for new years eve celebrations dinner etc.  Will fill in latter how that goes. Just a update from Saturdays golf we normally play with a foursome and have our own competition for skins . But this Saturday I joined the Estra club skins competition (good timing) because I got a birdy on #8 hole and won $400 pesos got to go we are leaving for next door

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dec 29th

At this time of the year there is holidays as you can see one of the holiday please rs is horse back ridding on the beach

also 1 of our past times is playing crib

or doing puzzles that is after golf of course
Happy hour with people dancing that is a first but what the hell it was a good song and we turned it up

Deb made a fabulous meal for the 6 of us this after our happy hour

OMG what is happening here ????

Roger and Susie's Travels (2012 almost over) today golfing/ puzzle making/ happy hour/ and a fabulous dinner Put on by Deb and Rick (mostly Deb the cook) does it get any better

Friday, December 28, 2012

Dec 28th catch up

Roger off the tee

Me on the fairway not that often I get my picture taken Thanks Peggy my golfing partner today Was Margery Krull we were golfing with Robin and Peggy had a lot of fun we played best ball Robin and Peggy beat us by 1 stroke

another puzzle complete

Sara's weekly massage

Roger and Susie's Travels a little slow after Xmas day yesterday we did a golf day for ladies except a few people under the weather including Susie Estra Del Mar has put on a special for nine holes (set up by Bonnie Brown)in the afternoon $30 bucks so a few of us were out with the ladies we all had a good time so will do this next Thursday (lots of fun) again Susie i am sure will be ready. golfing my regular golf tomorrow

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Xmass day

Merry Xmas and a happy new year to every body that checks into our blog

this puzzle was finished on the 24th there is always at least 2 or 3 of us working on them till they are finished then we give them away to the locals

setting up tables for the big dinner

this is the table for all the food

I think its done we are cooking out side with this group there will be I think a total of 4 Turkeys plus all the goodies

Ahh the fine Art of craving?????

and again the end to another beautiful day
Roger and Susie's Travels The 24th was a lazy day but today was busy we were having our second Xmas's potluck dinner at our site (Kitty & Mike and our self's our sites are now combined) witch makes it bigger and easier to host a little bigger event besides our self (kitty & Mike and our self's) the rest of the camp chip in to make it a very traditional Xmas's dinner so what can I say we have a awesome time Susie took lots of pictures to many to put on the blog sorry if your picture didn't get posted

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Another special day on the isla

he looks more like a Viking then a Xmas reveler
The front truck and the most troublesome ?????? kidding Bob Brown was driving
They look like they are ready

The booty but they had lots more hidden

the entourage heading out

some of the recipients

families very happy

yes and end to a very good day

the day is finally over
Roger and Susie's Travels Last year we (Bonnie and Bob Brown) plus a few from our camp ground did a spur of the moment thing of going through the community on the Isla giving out candies to the kids on the Dec 23rd and got a good response This year we added a second truck with more people with also a good response so we keep trying to give the Xmas spirit to those in need it definitely warms our heart and we can tell it seems very much appreciated

Saturday, December 22, 2012

big day today

this was a challenge blowing up 34 balls

These balls donated by Tim and Cheryl

Loading up booty I think it took a couple of trucks

Part of the organizing crew

Wan (grandpa) with Anita's kids

More helpers

on a lighter note a few of us were golfing but we did our part the day before but that white speck that you see in the sand trap is Robbins ball buried to the hilt needless today he did not win this hole

a long day on the job

and of course another happy hour
Roger and Susie's Travels Today was the day that they our RV parks #1&2 Plus a few others( delivered the hampers to the colonial (the least privileged in the Ilsa) approx 34 families were given Xmas's hampers which included various food items toys balls candies extra
the end to another great day