Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sat. Dec 31st New years day

Susie and Robins tatoos they got today Peggy also forgot to take her picture

Peggy getting serrinated at Elsies

Dry dock

This guy sings songs as he take tourists around the village etc  (Not very good singer)
Roger and Susie's Travels Slow day Susie and I went to Elsies for breakfast with Robin and Peggy I started to read a new book Susie preparing stuff for happy hour then we are off to the hotel next store to do the new years thing dinner and dance We are eating around 8:00 pm then dancing after that not sure if I will make midnight ?????

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dec 30th a nothing day maybe

Todays vollyball

Just a group of people walking on the beach

A boat ankered in our local beach

This was at our happy hour at Mike and Kittys a shot of Susie with the sunset going down
Roger and Susie's Travels Well today was a nothing to do day it started off with the regulars playing vollyball (they do this Monday/Wednesday/and Friday) with out me (bad knee) just a lot of relaxing. I did play crib with kitty she beat the crap out of me. then Susie took her on but didn't fair much better. Then of course happy hour always creeps in

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dec. 29th golf day

Roger and Susie's Travels Today was a good day for golfing shot a 109 still screwing up shots specially on the short game (chipping putting ) Susie has gone to town shopping etc. previously shot local pictures

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wed. 28th 2011 Isla

Touristoos leaning to drive

our little fire pots  to take chill off  work great 

instead of just a sunset I thought you might enjoy a view of the sail boats that  take refuge in this ankerage along with a stay of relaxation
Roger and Susie's Travels Today was a combination of Wendy taking all the left over turkey bones and vegges etc from our xmass pot luck to make awesome soup plus Kitty coming up with home made bread ( can you imagine we all thought that we had died and were sent to heaven)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dec 27th in between the holidays

Todays sunset

And do I care that I was out all night and had the parents worried

Yah Sooo !

I just didn't want you guys to forget what a good time I had
Roger and Susie's Travels Today was a free day so some went golfing My self and Mike went to the driving range to tooon up the golf game (good luck with that) any way we had a good day as for the rest no clue ?????

Dec 26th boxing day Isla

This guy has fresh oysters

Boxing day dinner

Rogers plate after dinner

Roger and Susie's Travels Well we didn't do the boxing day sale. But we did capitalize on the left overs from Xmass dinner it was deffinetly a close second to xmass dinner other wise a slower day lots of relaxation 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dec. 25th Xmass day 2011 Isla

3 long tables crammed with food

Gift table

About 6 tables set up

Weather was good but as you can see people have warm clothing on after the sun goes down it gets a little chilly

Todays sunset
Roger and Susie's Travels Well today went  great todays pot luck with about 4 different turkeys done in a variety of ways plus all our traditional stuff tons of food every body very full and happy the gift exchange was lots of fun a few people were sick so ended up with about 24 for the buffet sit down dinner so much left over everybodys invited to turkey sanwiches etc boxing day at 2 PM plus latter that evening after the gift exchange we had a sit around fire which is always a nice way to end the evening along with Susies special coffees (Great Xmass)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dec 24th Xmass eve

Wow do I ever look cool

This is stressful getting ready for all that food xmass dinner

At least lick were I can't reach

Where,s your out fit
Roger and Susie's Travels Most everybody went to church this evening other wise very quiet night resting up for tomorrows Xmass pot luck dinner

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dec23rd Xmass Candy run

caroling crew Bob (driver) Brent Donna Bud

Joan Jon Bonnie  missing Bob Krull and Wendy

Back of the truck you can tell our weather is not up to par  still paritice

Whoa what a mes on this one

What do you think shes wanted some where
Roger and Susie's Travels Well today was a day getting ready for Xmass dinner etc Susie and Kitty went to town ( the normal stuff hair nail etc ) But some of our campers organized a Xmass carol run to go through the village to show our xmass spirit Bob and Bonnie plus others put things together Bob and Bonnie spent the whole day to get the truck ready between lights music etc so every body involved had a happy hour plus a few of us not so involved. When they were ready to leave Bob said who is going to ride with me up front in the truck every body was on the back of the truck 8 of them so I said okay I will go Then kitty said okay I will go too But we needed to refill our drinks (well who goes any where with out a drink DAH) The singing crew on the back of the truck was Bonnie,Brent and Donna,Bud and Wendy,Jon and Joan,and Bob ( Margerys Bob)  They were giving candys to the little kids but ran out early so we had to stop at stores to buy more (about 3 to 4 times in the village they have quite a few little corner stores) The high lite was to see all the kids coming out for the candy and all the parents coming out with big smiles on there faces and waving and wishing us velize navi dah (merry xmass) Myself and Kitty had so much fun That we can,t wait till next year and sorry Susie and Mike were not feeling well to enjoy this experience (they won,t miss it next year) There was many times when I had tears in my eyes it was a great experience sorry I not get more pictures another highlite was one of our locals (Shava not sure of the spelling) hooked up with us as we went through the villiage to make sure that got all the streets he road on the tail gate we had sooooooo much fun can,t wait till next year

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dec 22nd at Isla

Robin and Bob

This picture is from the first Massage

Ahh whats a guy got to do to get a massage around here
Roger and Susie's Travels The high lite of the day was after Susie,s Massage our little Sara jumped from the couch to the massage table and layed down and got her second massage. Plus a good golf day

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dec 20th Isla

There was quite a few more prizes add after this picture

All together I think we had at least 20 plus people along with happy hour we all had a good time

today sunset

I finished another puzzle
Roger and Susie's Travels Well we had our second raffle for xmass hampers a great success I believe they raised over 2000 pesos this time I believe there will be over 40 hampers  for the needy families