Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24th Car show Cumberland

Roger and Susie's Travels Where do I start still continuing yard stuff pruning getting under ground sprinklers going working in my shop building poker tables. Had house poker party ( about 12 people) bottled wine red and white. (also bought a kit and all the necessary equipment to make wine) so that is happening. Installed a new clutch and pressure plate in the old car (went to my first car show today and got rain out) Started working on my boat to get it ready for the season plus numerous other thing to many to mention. I will put a few picture hopefully the will be self explanatory (Also we have a new cat name Toga now we have Sara&Toga and we live at Saratoga beach) does this make sense???? Also met with camping Buddy's at Salmon point a local camp site in our area. It was a crappy weekend for the start of camping season but everybody still had fun.