Sunday, February 28, 2010

Roger and Susie's Travels today's activities Carry on with landscaping then big get together for the Olympic hockey game between Canada and US nail bitter but thank god we won then we spent the night with friends watching the closing ceremonies the pictures i am showing today are from a previous time when we went to a local ball game also we had gone to a restraunt prior to the game hope this not to boring

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Roger and Susie's Travels today a bit of landscaping for next years new RV site. the rest of the day watching to se if we were going get hit by the nusami expected from the earth quake in chilli but nothing happened so rest the day watching the olimpic,s and relaxing todays picture,s landscaping and Sara site boat.

Feb 27th Nusami

Roger and Susie's Travels today started off with some landscaping till we were told about the earth quake in chilli and we were suppose to get a 3 ft wave to hit our area so we pick up loose things around our site. We then went Benji,s for breakfast and wait out the nusami which never happened. the rest of the day was relaxing. the picture,s are of my landscaping on the new site for next year.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Roger and Susie's Travels Feb. 25th started the day off with some lanscaping of new RV site for next year Susie is having a massage the guy comes to our RV with his portable massage table. Then she is off to town finger nail stuff. I will also have a massage after Susie the cost for the massage is 200 peso,s plus 20 peso tip per person ($20 canadian) We ended the at Mike and Kitty along with other friends for a Seuchie raw fish dinner very good. Feb 26th Went fishing at 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM with Tim Heng one of the partners in the boat and RV friend on our way to the boat we came acroos mexican fishermen bring there fishing net a shore with there catch of the I will post a few pictures. (we did't catch any our selfs??) then home to watch vollyball then beach fun the home to watch olimpic hockey

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Roger and Susie's Travels new day up at 6:30 have coffee take Sara out for a walk on the beach for her to do her morning constition home to have my smoothy for breakfast that is a typical start to my day. Watched the crowd play vollyball did some lanscaping on our new site for next year. Susie and I spent a typical day on the beach with friends then home for dinner and the hockey game between Canada and Russia (good one for us) looking forward to the next game between Canada and US we have lots of Ameaican friends here so some rivalry going on and some heavy betting (100 pesos appox. 9 bucks) Pictures today The fish was caught using the boat we bought we are bringing the boat out of the water we store it at Benji,s pizza Note these pictures are not always on the day that i do the blog (the name on the boat STAYT@ in mexican means Little Sara) how cool we didn't know when we bought the boat ??

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Roger and Susie's Travels had a slow day today spent the day tearing apart the landscaping we did in front of the motor home because it will be in the way when we leave. Move bricks etc to the new site we will have next year. Went to a happy hour for another couple leaving the park (Al and carol) they are from Alberta. The picture today is of one of our many gatherings.

Vollyball and Benji party

Roger and Susie's Travels Today (feb. 22nd) started off by our resident vollyball players did there stuff they played approx. 1.5 hrs the rest of the day was cleaning up motor home vacuming etc. Also two of our parners ( Tim & Brent)in the boat we bought went fishing and caught a nice local fish which Benji,s cooked it up at the party for tonight. Then off to benji,s pizza on the beach one of our local restraunts

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trip to town etc (Mazatlan)

Roger and Susie's Travels Today's pictures at 6:45 AM sunrise Stone island. Things we did today. Susie and I went to our local Panga (ferry boat over to Mazatlan (10 pesos per person each one way 80 cents can.) got a local bus in town to golden zone new part of Mazatlan (12 pesos per person $1.00 Can.) shopped went to a restaurant called the Fat Fish and had the best pork ribs ever the portion is so big that we had to share along with 4 cervesa (beer) total Bill was 140 pesos (approx $12 can.) plus tip of course. We left there in a Palmania (local open air taxi) for the Embarkadero Playa Sur ( but I dropped Susie at one of the local casinos) on the way to the ferry. Caught the ferry back to Stone Island. Ended up on the beach (typical daily event) with our camping group. After Susie got home we watched US verse Canada hockey game only to be disappointed Todays pictures

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Truck load of gourds

Roger and Susie's Travels Pretty mild day today. We play a crib tournament at our local restaurant Carmelita,s didn't win. Had lunch there then spent time at the beach with a group from camp site. Did hot dogs for dinner from our local Mexican vendor. then watching Olympics. Note the picture is fellow camper Robin we together bought from local villager 64 of these gourds we will be try and do crafty things with them ???

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Feb. 19th

To day started off with watching our resident volley ball players. then enjoying birthday cake for Robin and Mike. Then sitting on the beach with about 15 to 20 of the RVers surfing the waves with our body boards. Susie bought a silver neck piece from one of the venders then happy hour then off to Carmalitas to have a spagetti dinner put on by John and Joan. About 12 of us where there. then home we are pooped

Roger and susie travels

Roger and Susie's Travels

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We are just learning to blog

Hi everybody to day I had a Fellow Rver(George Yates) help me with this blog entry I started off the day with getting to full body massage. Susie Set it up for me. You can not believe how good that was. I have him Set up for the next two weeks on thursdays 1.5 hrs for 200 pesos ($ 16 canadian) Susie went with girl friends to mazatland to get petticures. I do know how much that costs but cheap. The rest of the day was going to local mex restraint. taking Sara out for walks and happy hour barbacue ETC.

Thurs Feb 18th

This is what I did today