Monday, December 30, 2013

29th & 30th

Roger and Susie's Travels
Mostly quiet but????
We do get some personal perk on site

And our friends and are included

It took a little work but we got Donna in here we promised we would not play who is Alice

We also include jewellery

the results

and where the hell do they think they are going

King David just finished on commenting how good we looked I think he needs Glasses

This tree is done Xmas's is over

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dec 28th

Roger and Susie's Travels
Busy day on the way to Golf this morning came across little turtles freshly hatched and trying to make it to the water. What with all the birds scooping them up some of us gave them a helping hand to make it to the beach. then off to golf. after golf Susie and I were invited to Contessa & Colin's for happy hour meet fellow blogger very interesting time most of these Lady's met through Contessa,s blog and have come here to enjoy what we enjoy. Thanks for the invite and new friends. we would have stayed longer but already had plans in town with friends. So we all met at the fish market for dinner then off to the machata for shopping etc
Happy hour with the blogger,s

Us 6 blogger,s

Sorry forgot everybody name except Contessa

off to Maz

At the fish market

Machata very busy place

Even the kids enjoy the evening learn to do crafts

Only in Mexico can you have a instant restaurant in the middle of the street

long way to the beach

a helping hand

free ride

Friday, December 27, 2013


Roger and Susie's Travels
Besides Susie making assume soup from turkey bones was generally a quite day. I worked on the puzzle read a little bit and relaxed
This is a little hard to see but this is a group of local young boys that have put together a old truck frame with motor plus running gear plywood dash to hold up steering wheel and plywood deck for the guys to sit on i think this was there  first challenge at the beach but they were having fun

this little guy came scooting out from under the unit after dark when I was sitting out there i think it is a cricket

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tequilla Testing

Roger and Susie's Travels
Besides having a quiet day given the happy hour will happen but Ken and Joyce invited the park #2 for a tequila testing happy hour cool

Our host pouring the good stuff

The participants

nice end to the day

Boxing day

Roger and Susie's Travels
A little quiet today after yesterdays activities our park dinner about 28 people lots of food as usual great dinner lots of fun and merry drinking etc
new little one

Arriving Xmas's day

As you can lots of good shit

Awe what a perfect setting

Life of the party

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dec.23rd /24th

Roger and Susie's Travels
getting ready for festivitys
A couple bad guys from Mazatlan being locked up

local doing body work

king david show how to cut the coconut


beach fire xmas's carol sign along

main chior