Friday, March 30, 2012

Mar. 30th On the road again

This little bird spent a lot of time trying to talk to the bird in the mirror ?????

At least he has his wine when we stop what about me and Sara


A little cloudy and windy but still not cold that will change the next stop
Roger and Susie's Travels  Well we arrived in Bakersfield last night but after we parked a little tired Susie did some shopping in Walmart finally found some scatter rugs she is happy with. Headed out this morning for Corning a bit of a long day close to 8 hr day a little to much for this old body but here we are and Susie busy cooking dinner. Me after a few glasses of wine this was a cake walk the next leg is only 200 miles to Seven feathers  this up in Oregon just over Grants Pass 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

April 29th Catch up time

This is the nine hole course I go to not that great but allows me to work on my short game
River side casino lots of car in museum this is just a few

this a bike some body in the old days powered it with a boat motor and set up a radiator core from a car heater pretty ingenious
Roger and Susie's Travels Time spent in Laughlin relaxing some gambling lots of golfing for me lots of shopping etc we spent about a week there We left this morning we are now in Bakersfield for a over night stop then off to Corning tomorrow morning slowly working back to the crap weather OOO well that life can't all be perfect

Friday, March 23, 2012

18th/19th/20th/21st/22nd Ketcup time

Oh hum

Oh lord when are we going to get there

On the road again
Roger and Susie's Travels a day of Cabelas (my favorite sports store ) I bought a few things a big cast iron pot for doing deep fried things dropped Susie off at a casino for a fix???? left Phoenix stopped off at camping world for more supplies travel to Laughlin arrived about 2:30 settled in at the dry park for 1 night set up for a 7 day staying at the KOA 131 bucks for the week I went golfing today and Susie went to one of her favorite store for a shopping spree a Beale's store lots of bargains well I think we are caught up Ho Ray

Sunday, March 18, 2012

15/16/17th Gold Canyon RV park

I think this will interest our American friends more so then us Canndians because of our time out of country but look at this deal for 4 monthes for 750 dollars these sre very upscale parks

Roger and Susie's Travels A little shopping in the area Don and I did 18holes at Apachie Creek golf course we both broke a 100 so I quess thats okay last night Don and Barb and Susie and I went to a pizza place called Organ pizza cool place over a 100 different pipe pretty cool

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wed 14th Gold Canyon Rv Park AZ

Hole 1 at Gold Canyon

Road to Globe

Entrance to Gold Canyon RV club house
Roger and Susie's Travels Well today Susie went to a dentist  to check out mouth sores and get some medicine So she feeling better went for drive up to Glode local mining town Plus Don and I played golf at our local RV park 9holes but good for the short game looks like we will hang in for a few more days here weather is perfect

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Mar 13th Gold Canyon RV Park

My buddy Case Vandiemen

Roger and Susie's Travels Today is the day that I have looked forward to for the last two years to play golf with my buddy from Kamloops as he excells a every sport that he tackels wether it be slow pitch or  tennis etc which every time I have played those games he has alwasy waxed my ass When we worked together in construction We have been not around each other for many years but we have alwasy been in touch They Verita and Case winter in the Phoeinx area so when we travel trough we try to get together and because I have been getting involved with golf over the last 2 years I so much wanted to play with my old buddy well we did today at the golf course that they live around. Well I played the very best golf today then I ever had. The front nine I had a great game Case shot a 40 {not his best game he has injured his shoulder from to much Tennis) I shot a 44 ( for me I though that was pretty good ) par for the front nine is 33. then to the back nine Well I do not know what happened but Case shot a 44 again sore shoulder but I shot 34 the par for that back nine is 31 so I almost parred every hole. (the golf gods were with me) this is the first time I have beat my buddy at any thing (wow)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mar. 12th shopping and golf

Roger and Susie's Travels Today Susie and Barb went shopping Don and I did 9 holes at the park good time got a birdy today and only lost 3 balls on the 9th hole but managed to get the 4th ball on the green using a 60 degree iron 72 yards cool latter in the day we all went out for chinese dinner good change from the usaual stuff

Monday Mar. 12th Gold Canyon Rv park

Sara loves the dog park

Susie Case Verita we were out looking at a new project new home with a RV garage or car port plus regular houses range from $99,000 to $153,000 for base models on lease land (very interesting for the future
Roger and Susie's Travels Well the last few days have been setteling in for a 7 day vist to this park and meeting with our friends Case and Verita. Playing there 9hole exceutive course very challanging good for the short game par 3 beautiful park lots of stuff to do if you stayed here a while. I will be playing with Don today for 9holes Don and Barb are in the area of Apache Junction for while so they can check out this park while they are here

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thursday Mar 8th heading to Phoienx Gold Canyon RV park

Thank god the clothes were dry before the wind came up

My Garage sale items Astro turf 20X7 $20 the stuff for sports fields Two luna recling chairs Made in France the good ones not nock offs $ 20 for the pair and two small folding tables 75 cents for one and a dollar for the other
Roger and Susie's Travels This morning after a good rest they have a wash station at De Ansa so I washed the car and the motor home ( big job ) said our good byes to every body and left around noon heading to Gold Canyon RV park (High end park by Roberts resorts) We had been given a 7 day free pass from a tour last year arrived and settled in for the night  Mar. 9th I played my first game on there 9 hole course they have a nice little 9 hole course very challanging the 9th hole sits on a small Island this course is very good for the short game the rest of the day relaxing then they had me move to a new site which was better close to the dog run etc while moving I notice one of the residence having a garge sale and you no me I could not past that up ?????

Wed Mar. 7th heading to the US border

Roger and Susie's Travels up early left around 7:30 a few check points the army check point I had to put all the slides out when every thing was finished with there checking one slide would not come in so there I was in the middle of all this traffic with a pipe wrench turn the bar under the coach to get the slide in which was pretty tough even the army guys were helping me I have sense found out if you disconnect the electric motor wires this releases the brake so it is easy to turn the bar with a pipe wrench back on the road again the crossing at the US border went very smooth stopped at Walmart Nogales US side the headed for De Ansa Rv park to meet with Larry and Marlyn they great us with a beer when we arrived (cool) and also did a dinner for us (how cool was that because most of us were pretty tired)

Tues Mar. 6th Heading to San Carlos

Roger and Susie's Travels Roosters stared at 3:30 in the morning got away about 8:30 Arrived around 4:00 the (trip went very smooth no issues on the road) another happy hour and pot luck with every body cooking up there meat etc before the border

Mar.5th leaving Maz.

Last Massage

Trish and Peggy met us on the gravel road

Ahh going home at last

Traveling crew

Alarm Clock Los Mochis

Roger and Susie's Travels On the road again 4 of us are traveling together got away about 8:15 after lots of hugs good byes etc first leg is Los mochis fuel up in Maz. very slow on gravel road arrived 3:00 or so at Copper canyon RV park did the usual happy hour and a pot luck dinner main course a pot of chilly

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting ready to leave our home away from home

Dan and Sharon leaving the park heading home to Washington I believe

send off comity

the truck is full now the back seat ???

tonight's get together

mmmmm toasty this happy hour lasted past 8pm plus ?????
Roger and Susie's Travels Here we are getting ready to leave our second home to go back to reality our main home which we have spent most of lives working so we can have this second home ???? (go figure) the last couple of days we have been saying good bye to friends leaving to go home or other places plus getting ready for our self's to do the same. we have so many going away dinners so many hugs etc that it is mind boggling but a wonderful time (I do believe that I am enjoying this retirement) but back to reality We are almost ready to leave most every thing is backed there will be 4 of leaving at the same time and heading for Los Moches 1/ 3rd of our trip out of Mexico