Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home from Aug. 23rd to 28th

Roger and Susie's Travels This week I started projects for Mazatlan holidays three in total the first was to revamp our trailer for our boat in Stone Island (I needed to make a trailer hitch for pulling out of water) #2 was a spare tire hookup for the motor home #3 was a table for the motor home steering wheel to put a fan on when parked (I do believe we did get one fishing trip in there to)

Golfing Gold River Aug. 21st. & 22nd

Roger and Susie's Travels Aug.21st and 2nd Golfing in Gold river on Vancouver Island (very scenic) any way this is another tournament for the club I joined. I took the motor home up there and stayed on the driving range along with my friend Hal cost 10 bucks (range not open) Sat. I did terrible started raining on the first hole and stopped on the 18Th hole (soaked to the ass)( score not worth mentioning ) So no partying that night both tired and wasted and (bones akin) Sun. (much better day) sun shining started at 10:00 knocked of 20 points off Sat. score and won a skin (so I didn't get the dreaded song sung on Sun. "go home you bum" "go home you bum")

Sunday, August 15, 2010

good day on the water Aug. 15th

Roger and Susie's Travels From the 8Th to the 14Th nothing of importance (same crap kidding) Aug 15Th Susie and I went on the boat to do some fishing very relaxing afternoon ( not that often that I can convince Susie that this a good idea) no fish but nice Cruise. After docking the boat we decided that we needed a feed of sea food. We went to the dock in Campbell River to a place called Pattie,s Light house on the dock (used to be called Pattie,s Finns ) (she died) any way we had a wonderful time with sea food and wine very reasonable (3lbs clams/mussels and scallop's along with garlic bread) $32.00 and $5.75 per glass of wine (large glass of wine) total bill was $60 bucks cool (sorry no camera so no pic,s)

Good day boating

Roger and Susie's Travels from the 18th till now nothing special

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aug 1st to the 7th

Roger and Susie's Travels Well the car repair was a little more then I was ready for. Took it to a shop of good guys they replaced both back brake lines cost 283 bucks (money well spent) Susie and I had our 47Th wedding anniversary on Aug 3rd did nothing special Susie was under the weather (to many stressful years with me) went to another car show on the weekend in Port Alberni then back home for another car show in Campbell River on the 8Th