Saturday, August 25, 2012

Aug 25th

Susie at Mulligans

The big one

Why are they putting me through this I do not want to be here
Watching the the last crew coming through

This is a start of a future Senior possibility
Well hello and What is your name as you can tell I am very speacial just by my face
Roger and Susie's Travels Well the last couple of days Susie and I went golfing at mulligans on Thursday Susie is doing Quite well (not sure if she is ready to venture on her on) but she seems to enjoy the Time ??? Friday I golfed with regular buddies at Mulligans (good time) Saturday We golfed at Stories Creek on our Final tournament  for the year (good time had by all) Holly cow My life seems to be consumed by golf these days but really I do lots of other things ??????

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aug 23rd

Good bye old buddy

this is the baby that was causing the problem should take about 4 to 6 hrs to change over
Roger and Susie's Travels Well today was decision day on the fate of our old tow car after some investigation I found the real problem of the new / old tow vehicle the transfer case for the 4 wheel drive is shot so through a auto wrecker I found one for $450 so they allowed me $300 for the car so $150 plus HST and here we are

Monday, August 20, 2012

Aug 20th

I miss my mom and I'm ready to go home. Grama almost screwed up my hat by washing it but thank god its okay

I was following this beautiful lady in down town Victoria only to realize it was Susie holy cow

entrance to China town

Just one of Victoria many heritage buildings
Roger and Susie's Travels Well back home from Victoria drove up there yesterday we stayed at a Wal mart (this helps off set the cost of staying at a motel and we can bring Sara and the big guy Toga with us)Stuart and Susie did a bit of shopping while I set up camp (big job)( my reward a bottle of red wine) and then just hung out for the evening watching TV excetra (No Internet so Stuart caught up on his email and face book at McDonald's the next morning) I think we were all just tired the night before. Good night sleep up in the morning Stuart and I headed off to the airport after Stuart gave a hug to Susie and good bye We were a bit early so we got breakfast at McDonald's then off to the airport Good time having Stuart he is growing up into a fine young man looking forward to next year if he still wants to come. Susie and I went to Victoria china town did a nice lunch dim sum very interesting and tasty not sure if I would want to do that again ???? but glad we had the experience. We headed home to Black Creek left about 3:00 PM got home around 6:30 pulled the new tow car/truck on the tow dolly every thing went off great

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Aug 18th

Trail to camp bob about 15minute walk

Waiting for there luggage to arrive
Roger and Susie's Travels well time for Stuart to leave picked him up from camp yesturday at Roberts lake will be leaving for Victoria tomorrow and put Stuart on the plane Monday

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aug 11th and 12th

Camp Bob kids at pickup point

Waiting for the rest of the campers to arrive
Roger and Susie's Travels Saturday was our last golf for the season for the skins club it was held at Crown Isl high end just like Estra Del Mar in Mexico I shot a 104 and won 7 skins $35 bucks I had hoped to do better but still pretty good for that course so I guess my extra practice at Mulligans did help we have a final whined up doing a fun competition called north south that's around 25th of the month then that's it for this year Sunday we got Stuart ready for camp Bob and I dropped him off for the week pick him up next Friday at 4:00 PM

Friday, August 10, 2012

Aug 10th

the next three pic,s are the same could not tell till they were down loaded and I don't no how to delete off of blog ?????

Roger and Susie's Travels Thursday Susie and Stuart and I went golfing at Mulligans Susie keeps on improving and Stuart did a 100% better today then the first time we golfed Friday Stuart and I went out fishing for a few hours in the afternoon no luck but relaxing (for me anyway)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aug 8th

Early morning at Mulligans

Wiener roast

into the marsh mellows

Fred and Susie

Cliff Betty Susie and Celest

I do get into the picture once in a while

hanging out
Roger and Susie's Travels Started the day off with golf 9 holes at Mulligans Back to take kids and Fred out on the boat for a little fishing for a few hours except the winds came up so had to cancel but we still did a bonfire and winners (hot dogs) and marsh mellow smorse at the house also visit from Sister and brother in law from Port Alberni along with Niece Celest from Port Coquitlam (Betty and Cliffs daughter) lots of laughs good visit

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aug 7th

this is water not beer okay

Oh a beautiful on the water

Hey Max do you think he will notice that we got out of the man cave ??  Who cares I was getting hungry

New Ball

Okay what did I do wrong this time
pond mist

Cameron / Nicole / Stuart

new chewy bone

Oh I can finally relax nobody is after my bone
Roger and Susie's Travels Well after the anniversary I sleped  for 4 days (kidding) any way besides Stuart having fun with Fred and Margs grand children (biking car races and spending time at the beach river and most things that kids do) I have been golfing every morning from 7:20 to 8:40 AM then on with the rest of the day. Susie golfs with me once a week and is improving most of the time she does her gardening in the back yard plus those Grandma things (plus shopping etc) the weather has been quite warm (not complaining) I have taken the boat just myself and my friend Hal we went fishing for about 4 hrs had lots of bites but no big ones did bring a link cod I think Hal had that for dinner. I have been driving my new $400  Blazer waiting on shop manual to fix transmission but I am driving it every day with no problems

Friday, August 3, 2012

Aug 3rd 49th years married today

Okay I'm ready

The group has arrived

I guess we do look a little different from the day we got married

Ahh finaly in the water
Roger and Susie's Travels Well we have reached another milestone in our life's journey and still a work in progress but we love each other so what else is there. We had some of our regular Friends Jackie and Hal /Joy and Jim and John Senior Along with some of our camping friend Lynn and John and Marg and Fred help with a happy hour at our place lots to eat and lots to drink good time by all