Thursday, December 24, 2015

Roger and Susie's Travels
Well it has been a long time sense I did the blog I believe it was May of 2014 Susie and I are on our way to Desert Hot Springs for a much needed holiday Lots of things have happen sense the last blog to many too comment nothing bad of course The knee operation finally happened about 7 weeks old now so getting around pretty good looking forward to golf (My passion) We left the Island on the 21st via Duke point then to the peace arch border for the first time ever they stopped us to do a search so besides some oranges /lemon/garlic that we declared but forgot a little point seta that Tracy and Stuart had given us we got a warning but could have cost us a $300 fine US Then off to a Casino for the night pouring rain all the way not fun driving in the dark. 22nd off to Seven feathers the drive not bad poured rain all night.23rd Off to Rolling hills in Corning nice drive snow in the passes but roads bare.Staying here for 2 nights.will start taking some pictures of our travels but nothing at this point Merry Christmass to everybody and a happy new year Roger & Susie PS if Susie was righting this it would be more interesting

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